Total Control: The Complete Supplement


The performance horse is a complex animal requiring just the right nutrients to reach its maximum potential. Few horses do their best on feed alone, and many competitive riders find their animals perform better with the right blend of equine supplements. Finish Line’s Total Control was designed for this type of athlete. Made of our best-selling products, Total Control targets six of your horse’s systems for peak health. Total Control combines our best products for complete horse health.

Margie Engle, Champion Show Jumper & Finish Line Endorser


Horses lose most of their salt through their sweat, meaning they need more electrolytes when expected to compete. When dissolved in water, these minerals regulate the amount of fluid in cells and help your horse absorb nutrients, according to Equus Magazine. Without supplements, an athletic horse suffers from fatigue, muscle tremors and heat stress. Apple-A-Day is Finish Line’s great-tasting electrolyte supplement designed to replace lost salt and support healthy hydration.

Feet First Coat 2nd

In the world of equine health, there’s no truer saying than, “No hoof, no horse.” Finish Line’s Feet First does just as it says: It focuses on your equine’s hoof health for better performance while also boosting its coat and skin. Feet First is full of a variety of fatty acids, including flax seed, olive oil and wheat germ oil. The additional gelatin provides amino acids to form essential proteins like lysine and methionine. The lysine promotes the growth of healthy hoof tissue, according to Horse Journals, while the sulfur in methionine strengthens the hoof wall.

Fluid Action HA

A horse’s joints are arguably the second most important system when it comes to competing. Finish Line’s original Fluid Action contains glucosamine, calcium, vitamin C, magnesium and several B vitamins to support strong, sturdy joints. Glucosamine in particular helps repair cartilage and control lameness brought about by osteoarthritis, according to the Certified Horsemanship Association. Fluid Action HA, also available in powder form, has additional sodium hyaluronate to provide cushioning for bones and tissues and keep the joints lubricated.

Iron Power

Red blood cells deliver oxygen through the body, making them a key component of a horse’s performance. Finish Line’s Iron Power combines a variety of vitamins and minerals to promote healthy blood cell counts. Iron has long been used to treat anemia, while niacin improves blood circulation, according to Equine Nutrition Nerd. Vitamins B1, B2, B6, and B12 help the body produce more red blood cells, particularly in animals with stomach or intestinal problems. Generally, B vitamins are produced in the horse’s gut, so any problems could have a drastic effect on your animal’s performance. Iron Power’s vitamin blend accounts for any such issues.

“U-7 helps your horse absorb nutrients and avoid stomach issues.”

U-7 Gastric Aid

Experienced owners know the slightest offset triggers ulcers or colic in horses with weak stomachs. U-7 Gastric Aid was designed to assist the digestive process, helping your animal better absorb nutrients and avoid potentially serious issues without inhibiting acid production.

A study conducted by Dr. Scott McClure found horses given U-7 Gastric Aid were less likely to suffer from ulcers than those given a placebo. Dr. McClure studied 20 thoroughbred horses, broken into equal groups for treatment and control, over a 21-day period. At the end, only 30 percent of the horses given U-7 developed ulcers compared to 70 percent of the placebo group. What’s more, the ulcers within the treatment group were less severe than those of the animals not given U-7.


Total Control is a great product for horse owners who want an easy way to support their animals’ overall health. More is often better, however, which is why we created Total Control PLUS. This supplement combines all of the Total Control ingredients and adds one more, XBL Ultra, for a strong circulatory system and improved healthy capillary strength. This supports your animal’s lungs, allowing it to increase its oxygen intake and better metabolize energy.

Finish Line’s Total Control supports your horse’s gastric system, blood counts, hydration, joints, feet and coat, while Total Control Plus also promotes capillary strength. Mix two scoops into your horse’s daily feed to support peak athleticism when it’s time to perform.



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