U-7™ Gastric Aid


U-7™ Gastric Aid is a clinically studied, vitamin/herbal blend that helps promote a healthy equine digestive system including the foregut and hindgut. U-7™ Gastric Aid contains all natural active ingredients including antioxidants and naturally occurring probiotics that helps your horse maintain proper gut pH and supports healthy digestion.


Paying attention to gastric health in horses is important for any owner, trainer, or rider. A horse’s gut health is key to not only its overall well-being and physical health, but may also affect its performance, mood, and outward appearance. Interruptions or complications to this process, such as digestive health conditions, can have negative impacts on an equine’s health. Caretakers are very often aware of this fact and take particular steps to ensure their horses are well cared for.

U-7™ Gastric Aid was developed over 20 years ago to help promote a healthy digestive system in the horse. Since this time, U-7™ has been independently and clinically studied by leading veterinarians and shown to be effective in promoting gastric health.

U-7 has the following benefits for your horse:

  • Contains naturally occuring prebiotics, probiotics, and antioxidants which support the horse’s gut lining for healthy digestion and optimal gut pH
  • U-7™ contains all natural active ingredients and does not block stomach acid production
  • U-7™ was clinically studied by top veterinarians and shown to be effective in promoting a healthy gastrointestinal tract in horses
  • U-7™ is an affordable option for horse owners or caretakers that helps promote gut health


For a 1000lb horse (Liquid):

  • For the first 30 days: give 2 fluid ounces, with oral syringe, twice a day (first in the morning, second in the evening)
  • After 30 days: give 1 fluid ounce, with oral syringe twice a day (first in the morning, second in the evening)


For a 1000lb horse (Powder):

  • For the first 30 days: give one scoop, twice a day (first in the morning, second in the evening)
  • After 30 days: give ½ scoop in the morning and ½ scoop in the evening




Studied by Top Veterinarians


Click here to access clinical study and veterinarian testimonials.

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Syringe 2 fl oz, Syringes, 1/2 Gallon (32 day supply at 2 fl oz/day), 1 Gallon (64 day supply at 2 fl oz/day), 5 Gallon (320 day supply), 1.6 LBS (30 day supply at 24g/day), 3.2 LBS (60 day supply at 24g/day), 12.8 (240 day supply at 24g/day)


12 reviews for U-7™ Gastric Aid

  1. Linda Kern

    I LOVE this stuff!! I have my horse on JC X-Tieup because he was a chronic seasonal change colicer. I add U7 April/May and September/October as added insurance to help his gut health. Being on a fixed income, the X-Tieup is more economical to give him monthly, but I just squeeze the budget in the spring and the fall so I can give this too him. I figure it is cheaper than having the vet out for colic twice a year. I am a lifetime customer of Finish Line horse products.

  2. Nancy

    Couldn’t be more grateful for this product. It improved my horse and I have no worries about side effects like you do with the more heavy ulcer medications. He gained weight, too. Really great product.

  3. Lonnie Yoder

    IT WORKS! Horses feel so much better being on this. They all benefit from this amazing stuff!!!!

  4. Sarah

    I had my mare on and off omeprizole for months, I put her on this product after her last treatment and she loves it and it keeps her eating. Which I love because it keeps the acid in her stomach lower. I took her off of it for about two weeks to see if she could possibly come off it and her appetite immediately dropped and she seemed a little bit colicy. I have started her back on it and shes back to eating tons and looking great. She will stay on this product indefinitely. I cant believe the benefits she receives from it. This is perfect for any colicy high maintenance horse. I would definitely recommend this anyone whose horses experiences gut and colic issues.

  5. Nita P.

    Love products shipping was a bit high hope to find it locally so I don’t have to pay shipping again

  6. Holly D Rushinka

    I started using U-7 on my 7 yr old ottb a month ago as he was showing signs of ulcers coming off the track. Very dull coat, lethargic, hay belly, etc. Since being on U-7 for a month he has improved 100%. No more dull coat, or hay belly, his attitude has changed, no more lethargy or crankiness to work. He’s is always at the bale now rather than standing alone in the field. I stopped feeding grains or molasses also, only supplement beet pulp and alfalfa pellets or cubes with free choice hay.

  7. Kristi Zimbelman

    Has really helped my mares stomach

  8. Diane Erck

    U7 is the best product in the market that you can purchase without a prescription.

  9. Kelley W.

    Started using this product first about 10 years ago with my Trakehner and recently started using it for my current horse. He is super picky about what goes in his food and has not blinked an eye at the addition of U-7. He has been on it about 60 days now and noticeably less crabby and girthy. Manure is better consistency and not as much “tension poops” –overall seems easier in his body and more settled about everything that used to make him irritated (grooming on belly , girthing, etc).

  10. Karen S

    Highly, Highly Recommend!! My 26 Yr old Quarter Horse gelding suffered from unexplained diarrhea for over a year. He was wormed regularly, and had had no changes to his feed or environment. I had 2 different vets out and tried product after product with no improvement. I tried a sample of U7 and noticed a marked improvement in the sheen of his coat, so I continued it. After 3 weeks, his diarrhea was gone! My now 27 year old looks great and is holding his weight! He’s back to his old healthy self. This product is fantastic and he will continue to receive it! I have also since started using U7 for 2 of my lesson ponies who also have sporadic diarrhea, and it has cleared it up for them as well! It also seems to help them with the transition from 1st to 2nd cutting hay.

  11. Krista Williams

    Hand down MY FAVORITE finishline product! Best ulcer prevention we have used for fore and hind gut.

  12. Darlene – November 2023

    U 7 Finish Line Liquid is the best product ! My worry wart gelding with on and off cinchy problems the vet diagnosed as ulcers(no scope done) has cleared up on the U7 program. This stuff is amazing and he loves the apple taste. He comes to me happily for his “treat” from the syringe. I keep him on the maintenance of 1 ounce morning and night. Thank you Finish Line for a great product

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