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Sweat-Well™ is a NEW and EXCLUSIVE formula that helps promotes the healthy function of sweat glands in your horse.

Sweat-Well™ supports 7 different systems that affect sweating in the horse: liver, immune, adrenal, kidney, metabolic, nerves, and neurotransmitter precursors.

Available in powder: 3.3lbs (30-day supply) or 13.2lbs (120-day supply)



  • Contains an exclusive formula to help non-sweaters
  • Promotes the healthy function of sweat glands in your horse
  • Adaptablend contains several adaptogens from herbs that help normalize adrenal function. Adrenal hormones are the primary control for sweat glands.
  • Works in 7-10 days
  • Discontinue use 24 hours before USEF competitions


What Real Horses Owners Have to Say:
Five Star Review Horse Products
“Rosalita had her first dose on Thursday July 2nd. Rode her Friday and Saturday and noticed little change. She had Sunday off. Today I just had a session with my trainer Samantha St. Jacques, and she sweat heavily! Her respirations improved also. Sam and I are so impressed!” – John Alexis
“I have a non sweater that has the trait from the family. I have had the best results I have ever seen with Sweat-Well. I have used 1AC, Combat cool, beer, yeast and not once have I seen this level of sweating from this horse. The horse was even sweating from the neck, not oversweating.” – Sara Yutari
“I have a client that has had great results with Sweat-Well. I am familiar with the horse for 5 years now, has always stopped sweating in the summer. They have tried multiple therapies with no success. The horse started sweating within a week, the client wants more.” – Dr. Clara Fenger

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