Fura-Free™ is a safe, multi-purpose sweat and salve that helps protect and soothe minor cuts, scrapes, burns, and cracked heels. The polyglycol base makes a great sweat for horses legs with 6 natural essential oils that help promote healthy skin in the horse: calendula, myrrh, lemon balm, thyme, tea tree, and wheat germ oil. Fura-Free™ does not contain nitrofurazone and does not require gloves for application.


Exercise, strenuous activity, and/or injuries can cause inflammation and discomfort especially in the legs and surrounding tissues. Applying a “sweat” to the legs may help generate heat and promote blood flow to the tissues. The polyglycol base has a very low thermal conductivity which makes for an excellent sweat.

Fura-Free™ is a safe option for horse owner’s to apply on the horse’s legs as a sweat or it can be used over minor wounds to help promote healing. There are 6 natural essential oils in Fura-Free™ that promote healthy skin in the horse: calendula, myrrh, lemon balm, thyme, tea tree, and wheat germ oil.

FURA-FREE™ has the following benefits for your horse:

  • Promotes healing for cracked heels, minor burns, and abrasions
  • Protects and soothes minor cuts, scrapes and burns
  • Helps form a thin and flexible scab, less likely to break open and bleed again
  • Contains a polyglycol base which makes for an excellent sweat
  • Does not cause proud flesh
  • Does not contain nitrofurazone


Note: Studies suggest that nitrofurazone has carcinogenic or cancer-causing properties. Especially at risk are mammary and ovarian tissues. Read the human carcinogenic warning on the jar of nitrofurazone products: They warn you not to touch the product without gloves. Do you want this on your horse, and yourself, on a regular basis?

Directions: Clean legs thoroughly with castile soap or other non-medicated cleanser. Apply as a sweat or over minor cuts and scrapes. For deep or puncture injuries, consult your veterinarian.

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1 Liquid Pint, 1 Liquid Gallon, 1 Gel LBS


2 reviews for Fura-Free™

  1. Linda Kern

    Super great product! I got a jar for my gelding who is always scrapping out in the pasture with his playmates. Needless to say he comes in with a few “battle scars” from time to time. I always keep a job of Fura Free handy to treat his scrapes, bite marks and minor cuts. It goes on easy, STAYS on and as a plus keeps flies away from his boo-boos until they can heal, which is usually within just days. Such a great product to have in the tack room!

  2. carolyn smekal

    I have 16 horses of various ages. One is always getting nicked or bit. Fura Free smells good and works well. Keeps the pests away too.

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