Orange-A-Day™ is an orange flavored daily electrolyte that does not contain sugars, fillers, or artificial colors. This proven electrolyte promotes healthy water consumption and replenishes electrolytes and minerals lost in daily activities such as sweating, urination, and defecation. Orange-A-Day™ has the necessary electrolytes and minerals to keep your horse properly hydrated, improve appetite, and support healthy nerve and muscle function.


Horses depend on electrolytes and minerals for a large number of bodily functions such as maintaining cellular fluid balance, the transmission of nerve impulses, and the healthy function of muscles. When horses lose large volumes of sweat, they lose considerable amounts of these electrolytes and minerals which can result in dehydration. If left untreated, dehydration can lead to muscle spasms, poor oxygen and energy transport throughout the body, heart and kidney problems, anhidrosis, poor recovery, and more.

Horses’ thirst response can be depressed as a result of dehydration or sweat loss. Orange-A-Day™ helps promote healthy hydration in the horse and is balanced for electrolyte and mineral loss that can occur from daily activities. Because it does not contain any sugars, it is safe to feed your horse daily. Some equine electrolytes contain added sugars, labeled as dextrose, which can impact your horse’s health when given for long periods of time.

Orange-A-Day™ has the following benefits for your horse:

  • Supports healthy hydration for the horse
  • Balanced for electrolyte loss in daily activity
  • Safe for easy keepers, borderline overweight, and/or insulin-resistant horses
  • Does not contain fillers, so you can feed less compared to similar products


Directions: We recommend you mix Orange-A-Day™ with the feed. However, Orange-A-Day™ will dissolve in water as well. Fresh water and a salt block or loose salt should always be free choice for your horses.

We recommend ½ oz daily for horses at rest in a cool environment or for horses performing light work at normal temperatures. Feed 1 oz daily for horses doing moderate work at normal temperatures or light work in hot climates. For heavy training in normal temperatures or moderate work in hot climates feed 1.5 oz daily. During intense training in hot, humid climates, feed 2 oz daily. A 1 oz scoop is enclosed. See dosing chart below.

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5 LBS (60 day supply at 1 scoop/day), 15 LBS (180 day supply at 1 scoop/day), 30 LBS (360 day supply at 1 scoop/day)



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