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Thia-Cal™ promotes healthy nerves in your horse in a daily feed supplement. Available in liquid or powder forms. This is a potent Thiamine and Magnesium supplement balanced with Calcium. No tryptophan, no valerian root, and no kava kava are found in this product. Thia-Cal™ helps conserve energy while calming and settling your horse. This product will not make horses “dopey,” dull or pull from your horse’s performance.


THIA-CAL™ has the following benefits for your horse:


  • Daily formula supports a healthy nervous system
  • Promotes a sense of relaxation and mental alertness without drowsiness

James Alliston
Three-Day Eventing Champion
James Alliston Eventer and Finish Line Horse Endorser
“I have had great success with my high-strung horses using Thia-Cal™ and Quia-Cal™. They are an essential part of my armory in achieving a relaxed dressage performance that is required at the top levels of the sport.”

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Weight N/A

1 Quart (32 day supply at fl oz/day), 1 Gallon (128 day supply at 1 fl oz/day), 1.54 LBS (30 day supply at 1/scoop), 6.15 LBS (120 day supply at 1/scoop)


Guaranteed Analysis
(POWDER – 490 mg/scoop)

Thiamine (Vit. B1) min 2.1% Sodium min 5.2%
Sodium min 5.2% Sodium max 5.8%
Magnesium min 0.45% Magnesium max 0.52%
Potassium min 4.5% Calcium min 0.8
Sulfur min 0.25%

(LIQUID- Per 1 fl. oz serving)

Calcium min 100mg 0.35% Calcium max 160mg 0.45%
Salt min 2800mg 8.5% Sodium min 1000mg 4.0%
Sodium max 1400mg 4.0% Potassium min 1500mg 4.5%
Magnesium min 100mg 0.28% Thiamine min 490mg 1.3%

2 reviews for Thia-Cal™

  1. Linda Kern

    I have not had the need to use this product, but watched it do an AMAZING transformation on a horse that went from being part of a herd to having to live in a solitary situation. He as “crazy” and constantly fretting (not always whinnying, but pacing and anxious). I recommended Thia-Cal to my friend and the change in Tucker was very noticeable within four days. She has had him on it ever sense since by nature he is a fear based, nervous horse. They are doing beautifully together now and Tucker seems happy and content with his horse/human herd. It is good to know that it is available if I would ever need it. I have recommended this product to several other people as well.

  2. Anonymous

    takes the edge off , but not the performance

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