Finish Line® Electrolytes and Trace Minerals help promote healthy hydration in your horse by replacing electrolytes lost during daily activity. APPLE-A-DAY is the original apple flavored electrolyte! This electrolyte contains no sugar, which makes it healthier for your horse and also suitable for the bordering-on-overweight easy keeper or for insulin-resistant horses and ponies. Plus, because this product also contains no artificial colors or fillers, you can feed less of it than other similar products, so it lasts longer to help you save money. This electrolyte/mineral replacement replenishes electrolytes salts in your horse which are necessary for proper hydration, better appetites, nerve and muscle function.


APPLE-A-DAY™ has the following benefits for your horse:
  • Supports healthy hydration for the horse.
  • Formulated to replace electrolytes lost through daily activities, such as sweating, urination, and defecation.
  • NO sugar, artificial colors or fillers, means our product is healthier than all of those sugar filled electrolytes and will last longer since you feed less!

Completely Sugar Free Electrolyte

Buck Davidson
Three-Day Eventing Champion

“I used Apple-A-Day™ because it keeps my horses hydrated all year long! All of the horses seem to love the taste and it helps them clean up their feed and drink regularly which gives us peace of mind!”

Additional information

Weight N/A

5 LBS, 5 LBS (60 day supply at 1 scoop/day), 15 LBS, 15 LBS (180 day supply at 1 scoop/day), 30 LBS, 30 LBS (360 day supply at 1 scoop/day)


Guaranteed Analysis
(per 1 volume ounce)
Calcium min 5.9% Calcium max 6.9%
Salt min 36.5% Salt max 19%
Potassium min 12%
Magnesium min 0.5% Manganese min 300pm
Zinc min 40pmm Iron min 100pm
Copper min 10ppm Cobalt min 0.3ppm

4 reviews for Apple-A-Day™

  1. Mallory

    Noticed my horse drinking more almost immediately. The smell and flavor seems to really work for my picky horse.

  2. Tena Ladner

    Easy to feed

  3. Krista Williams

    I love using this in my horses water while on the road for extra electrolytes

  4. Linda Kern

    Such a great product to feed to make your horse drink more. My gelding loves the flavor an sucks down a bucket of it especially when it is very hot out. He has a second bucket of water in his stall without anything added. I noticed that the bucket with the Apple A Day added always gets emptied first. He will drink the second bucket as well, but he looks at me as if to say “HEY, where is my water flavoring!” Hahaha. His urinary tract health seems to be great! I AND my horse loves Apple A Day!

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