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Finish Line®’s MSM is an ultra pure 99.9% source of bio-available sulfur. MSM or methylsulfonylmethane is thought to support a healthy inflammatory response. NO fillers, NO artificial colors, and NO flavors.


  • Ultra Pure 99.9% Source of bio-available sulfur.

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1 LBS (25 day supply at 2 scoops/day), 2 LBS (50 day supply at 2 scoops/day), 4 LBS (100 day supply at 2 scoops/day), 10 LBS (250 day supply at 2 scoops/day), 30 LBS (750 day supply at 2 scoops/day)

3 reviews for MSM

  1. Wanda

    Awesome products

  2. Erika J.

    Love this product! My quarter horse, Bobby, developed some arthritis in his left knee. After 2 weeks he’s much improved and I’ll keep this MSM on the shelf for his daily dosing.

  3. Linda Kern

    I LOVE this product and so does my 19 year old gelding who was diagnosed with DSLS this past early summer. I showed my vet my Finish Line catalog and he picked this first and then the Easy Willow to go along with the Feet First Coat Second that he has already been on for years with amazing results. Well to say that I was blown away was an understatement. Within a week, Winston was moving like he was 10 years younger and I do not see any evidence of pain in his body language or his eyes. He seems so comfortable and moves so much better. I will never be without this in my feed room again. This along with Easy Willow and Bute-Like (for rare days when he gets extra ouchy) are an absolute miracle to horses who suffer from chronic pain!!

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