Why Finish Line® Products Are The Best Option for Your Horse

We are proud to say that our products are Original, Contain All Natural Active Ingredients, and are Veterinarian Approved and Tested.

Botanicals, herbs, and natural active ingredients combined with Finish Line® exclusive formulations are what set us apart. We do not use non-nutritious fillers and only utilize the finest available natural ingredients.

In order to best serve the horse community, we are constantly developing advanced new products at our headquarters. The availability and wide range of analytical equipment are invaluable in both R&D (research and development) and the quest to ensure new products meet our standards. This is also applicable to the QC (quality control) of existing products. The variety of instruments you will find in our lab is a testament to the procedures our team has in place to guarantee our products meet or exceed expectations. Each incoming shipment of raw materials is inspected to ensure it meets our quality standards. The integrity of our ingredients will not be sacrificed – which is why we can guarantee every product, every time it leaves our warehouse.


Horse Products
Horse Products

Dr. Mark Phillips, Mill Pond Equine Clinic, Coconut Creek, Florida, is one of our trusted veterinarian resources. He was unanimously elected to the Florida Harness Racing Hall of Fame in 2009, only the second Veterinarian to be so honored.

Mark has used Finish Line® for over 20 years.