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TOTAL CONTROL® is an all-in-one supplement designed with the performance horse in mind and is formulated to combine the active and quality ingredients of five Veterinarian Approved Finish Line® Horse Products: Apple-A-Day™, U-7™ Gastric Aid, Fluid Action® HA, Feet First® Coat 2nd, and Iron Power®  –  all into one palatable, daily supplement filled with important equine vitamins




TOTAL CONTROL® has the following benefits for your horse:



· Promotes healthy blood count levels for increased stamina and energy

· Encourages healthy joints and strong bones

· Helps develop strong hooves

· Improves mane/tails and skin for a show ring ready shiny coat

· Assists in the replenishing of electrolytes for adequate hydration

· Aids in maintaining a healthy digestive system with clinically studied gastric support



With TOTAL CONTROL®, two scoops does it all!


TOTAL CONTROL® was initially tested in 2006 by an outside veterinarian, whose main focus was in the care of Standardbred Racehorses. This same veterinarian was overwhelmed with the findings and quoted, “This is the supplement every performance horse should be on.” Secondary testing was done with over 50 Thoroughbred Trainers and Farriers with the same outstanding results.

All in one, supports 6 systems

Leslie Burr-Howard
World Champion and Olympic Show Jumping Medalist
Leslie burr horward uses total control finish line horse
“My horses perform at the highest levels and need the very best supplement support available to stay sound and competitive. I have had excellent results with Total Control® as it keeps my horses healthy and sound. I recommend Total Control® to anyone who has a horse that needs to be competitive!”

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4.7 LBS, 4.7 LBS (28 day supply at 75g/day), 9.3 LBS, 9.3 LBS (56 day supply at 75g/day), 23.2 LBS, 23.2 LBS (140 day supply at 75g/day)


Active Ingredients
per 2 scoops (75g)
Glucosamine HCI ..…5000mg Aloe Vera Concentrate ..…130mg Pyridoxine Hydrochloride ..…42mg
Sodium Hyaluronate ..…100mg Sodium Chloride ..…14580mg Cyanocobalamin ..…160mcg
Ascorbic Acid ..…1000mg Potassium Chloride ..…9100mg Bromelain ..…14mg
MSM ..…2000mg Cabbage Powder ..…990mg Grapeseed Extract ..…32mg
Omega 3 Fatty Acids ..…3560mg Ascorbyl Palmitate ..…35mg Calcium Pantothenate ..…300mg
Omega 6 Fatty Acids ..…2410mg Iron Sulfate ..…1870mg Folic Acid ..…20mg
Yucca ..…100mg Thiamine Mononitrate ..…140mg Zinc Gluconate ..…8mg
Niacinamide ..…300mg Riboflavin ..…140mg Vitamin A ..…12350IU
Turmeric ..…85mg Biotin ..…15mg Vitamin E ..…100IU
Slippery Elm ..…67mg Methionine ..…130mg

5 reviews for Total Control®

  1. Mallory

    It makes taking care of multiple things with my horse a lot easier and the results are dependable.

  2. Adrienne Wisenberg

    My two dressage horses have been on Total Control for four months now, so I think I can make a fair assessment of the product. First of all, my picky small tour gelding will eat it, which is wonderful. He is nearly 17, and now looks like a real performance horse again! His energy, coat, feet, and top line, have all improved. My grand prix mare is also thriving on Total Control. She is a stoic girl, so she doesn’t always let us know what’s going on, but she seems more supple and easy to manage, and her coat and feet look amazing. Thank you,Finish Line, for such great products!

  3. RuthZ

    Great supplement with all the major areas covered so you don’t have to feed multiple supplements which saves money and time. All my horses have been on this for over a year now and all look and feel great. Thanks for another great product!

  4. Krista Williams

    Best all in one supplement that WORKS we have found!

  5. Linda Kern

    My horse thrived on Total Control! Having 5 supplements in one makes the feed room a lot less messy and he seems to love the flavor because he licks his feed tub clean!!! He is shiny, his hooves are in great condition (he has been barefoot all his life) and the Feet First that is in this supplement has his coat, mane and tail shiny and show ring ready even though I do not show, but he is the best looking horse in the barn and I have had people ask me more than once what I am feeding him!

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