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Total Control® is a complete, multi-purpose daily supplement that targets 6 different systems in the horse. Just 2 scoops a day will help promote healthy hydration, joints, blood counts, digestive system, hooves, and coat. Total Control® combines a full dose of the active ingredients from Finish Line®’s 5 best products: Apple-A-Day™, Iron Power®, Fluid Action® HA, U-7 Gastric Aid™, and Feet First® Coat 2nd.


The performance horse is a complex animal requiring just the right amount of nutrients to reach its maximum potential. Few horses do their best on feed alone, and many find their horse performs better with the right blend of equine supplements. Choosing the right combination of supplements, providing adequate dosing, and ensuring your horse consumes all of the products during feeding are common challenges for owners and caretakers. Finish Line®’s Total Control® was specifically designed for complete wellness in the performance horse. Made of our best products, Total Control® offers a tasty and palatable solution that saves you time, money, and space in your feed room.

Total Control® has the following benefits for your horse:

Directions: for 1000lb horses, give 2 scoops once daily on top of the feed

All in one, supports 6 systems

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4.7 LBS, 4.7 LBS (28 day supply at 75g/day), 9.3 LBS, 9.3 LBS (56 day supply at 75g/day), 23.2 LBS, 23.2 LBS (140 day supply at 75g/day)


6 reviews for Total Control®

  1. Mallory

    It makes taking care of multiple things with my horse a lot easier and the results are dependable.

  2. Adrienne Wisenberg

    My two dressage horses have been on Total Control for four months now, so I think I can make a fair assessment of the product. First of all, my picky small tour gelding will eat it, which is wonderful. He is nearly 17, and now looks like a real performance horse again! His energy, coat, feet, and top line, have all improved. My grand prix mare is also thriving on Total Control. She is a stoic girl, so she doesn’t always let us know what’s going on, but she seems more supple and easy to manage, and her coat and feet look amazing. Thank you,Finish Line, for such great products!

  3. RuthZ

    Great supplement with all the major areas covered so you don’t have to feed multiple supplements which saves money and time. All my horses have been on this for over a year now and all look and feel great. Thanks for another great product!

  4. Krista Williams

    Best all in one supplement that WORKS we have found!

  5. Linda Kern

    My horse thrived on Total Control! Having 5 supplements in one makes the feed room a lot less messy and he seems to love the flavor because he licks his feed tub clean!!! He is shiny, his hooves are in great condition (he has been barefoot all his life) and the Feet First that is in this supplement has his coat, mane and tail shiny and show ring ready even though I do not show, but he is the best looking horse in the barn and I have had people ask me more than once what I am feeding him!

  6. Pacific_Pony

    I have a 10yr old and a 20yr old that have been on this supplement for 6 months now. It works great as an all in one for multiple horses. No one can ever tell that my old man is 20 and they frequently guess that my 10yr old is younger. The only thing I don’t like about the product is that it is not in a pellet form. I don’t soak any of my feed b/c the horses won’t eat it that way and there’s always some left over in the buckets. I feel it’s wasteful and that my horse’s could get even better results if it was a pellet instead of trying to gage how much extra I need to feed them to make sure they get a full serving.

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