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Liver Essentials™ is specially formulated to promote liver health in the horse. Liver Essentials™ can help clear the liver promoting healthy liver function. Choline Hydrochloride and lecithin are lipotropic. Milk Thistle contains Silymarin, which is beneficial for the liver. Vitamins B6, Folic acid, and B12 are cofactors of hepatic transmethylation. Indicated for horses with elevated GGT and/or Bilirubin levels. Liver Essentials is a palatable, safe, effective, and economical supplement to support a healthy liver in horses. Veterinarian-tested.


Directions for use:
Give 1 scoop (oz) in the morning and 1 scoop in the evening. Keep inner bag and container tightly closed; product absorbs water from air! Store in a cool, dry place. Continue product use while monitoring liver enzymes. Reassess usage when enzymes reach normal values.
Safe use in pregnant horses or animals intended for breeding has not been proven.


Supplement supports a healthy liver in the horse. It is indicated in horses with elevated liver enzymes.

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2 LBS, 4 LBS


Active Ingredients per scoop
(1 scoop=1 vol. oz.=18g):
Choline HCL, 3300 mg
Lecithin, 1780 mg
Alfalfa root, 1000 mg
Milk thistle, 580 mg
Methionine, 540 mg
Calcium pantothenate, 540 mg
Dandelion root, 360 mg
Artichoke, 90 mg
Turmeric, 90 mg
Beet root, 90 mg

1 review for Liver Essentials™

  1. cheryl melzar

    Although I’m not sure about the efficacy of the product yet, I can tell you that I’m happy with the speed of the shipping, the service, and the follow-up. Just as an aside I initially dealt with Platinum Performance company… Not only did they allow you to order their product even though ithey knew it wasn’t in stock they didn’t even have an idea of when it would be filled and when reaching out to their customer service department I never heard back from my original call.

    • Ashley Robinson

      Thank you! We are excited to hear about your results!

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