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Total Control® Plus is a complete, multi-purpose daily supplement that targets 7 different systems in the horse. Just 2 scoops a day will help promote healthy hydration, joints, blood counts, digestive system, hoof, coat, and capillary health. Total Control® Plus combines a full dose of the active ingredients from Finish Line®’s 6 best products: Apple-A-Day™, Iron Power®, Fluid Action® HA, U-7™ Gastric Aid, Feet First® Coat 2nd, and XBL® Ultra.


The performance horse is a complex animal requiring just the right amount of nutrients to reach its maximum potential. Few horses do their best on feed alone, and many find their horse performs better with the right blend of equine supplements. Choosing the right combination of supplements, providing adequate dosing, and ensuring your horse consumes all of the products during feeding are common challenges for owners and caretakers. Finish Line®’s Total Control® Plus was specifically designed for complete wellness in the performance horse. Made of our best products, Total Control® Plus offers a tasty and palatable solution that saves you time, money, and space in your feed room.

Total Control® Plus has the following benefits for your horse:

Directions: for 1000lb horses, give 2 scoops once daily on top of the feed

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4.7 LBS (28 day supply at 2 scoops/day), 9.3 LBS (56 day supply at 2 scoops/day), 23.2 LBS (140 day supply at 2 scoops/day)


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  1. Cassidy Sabral

    This product is great! My mare has been on it for two years and it keeps her running her best! Provides everything she needs in one easy to feed supplement.

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