Customer Testimonials

Air Power™

“I couldn’t be happier with the results I achieved from 2 Finish Line Products: Firstly, my mare, Lana was experiencing a major ashmatic reaction to exposure to spring allergens and a tiny bit of dust in her hay at the same time. I’ve had her for 21 years, and she’s always been hyper sensitive to any mold in her hay. and this last blow up was tied with the worse she’d ever been in 20 years, plus I was realizing her spring allergies had worsened significantly as well. I went to the store looking for something natural and quick acting to give her for her wheezing, and I found Air Power. I gave her one syringe, and the next morning her wheezing was down to about 2%, with it being about 98% the evening before. I thought she was over the attack, so I didn’t give her another, and as soon as I stopped, it came back. After going through 5 syringes, I ordered the cough syrup version, so I could keep her on it while I looked for a long term preventive natural antihistamine. That worked fantastically! It was because of a question I had about that product, that I found out about Ship-Well Immune Support. I was on the phone with Angie, who started telling me about Ship-Well and how her father swears by it for his race horses he trains. I would have never guessed something called “Ship-Well” would work for preventative care for allergies, so I was very glad she dared to speak up and tell me about this product. She was SO nice to mail me a FREE MONTH’S WORTH TO TRY!!! When I opened the tub, I loved how it smelled. So fresh and pure. Lana had already been on several of the ingredients, so I knew this formula was on the right track. During the course of the first week on Ship-Well, I weaned her off the syrup and I haven’t needed it since, because the Ship-Well works so well! She has stayed absolutely perfect since being on this product, and her acupuncturist said her lungs tested out great after being on it for just over a month, whereas at her last visit, (right after the allergy blow up) she said her lungs were on the edge of developing dangerous side effects if she got any worse. Now I am also weaning her off her other lung support/breathing support herbal product,(by a different company), as that had stopped working for her worsened allergies, and I feel the shipwell can fully replace that other product. She hasn’t coughed once or wheezed at all since she’s been on it and it’s been 2 months now! Thank you so much for such a wonderful product, Finish Line! I feel so much less stress now, knowing she’s on a product that’s working for her! Holly Burns, and Lana (24 year old paint mare)”

–Holly from Elk River, MN

sweet horse photo customer_img_right.alt “We have now been using Total Control for 4 months and all our horses are doing very well. Other Finish Line products that have worked for us are the Willow poultice product which is great for cooling legs, particularly overnight, we also use the dry product as a bute alternative. The electrolytes work fantastic, particularly in our long hot summers. We also love the Finish Line Apple A Day electrolytes, so far all our horses have sweated beautifully this summer, we have been using this product for several years now.

“I currently use Air Power™ for my 20 year old mare, I’ve been using it for about two years now and it has changed my horses life for the better. My mare has been suffering from heaves and none of the other products on the shelf have worked for her, she’s always had to be on steroids because of her problems. I finally discovered Air Power™ at a local feed store and I was sick of watching my horse cough. For $20.00 I decided, why not try it? I’m SO glad I spent that $20.00 because it has done SO MUCH for my horse. I haven’t had to use steroids ONCE since I’ve had her on it. That is a HUGE improvement for my girl. I am so beyond thankful for this product and seriously encourage anyone who has a heaves/coughing horse to give it a shot. It’s cost efficient and it REALLY works. I can even ride my horse in the summer months again!”

–Jodie Lynne, Seymour CT

“I want to tell how great your product AIR POWER™ is because my mare was coughing real bad and a friend of mine let me try some of it at a barrel race. She stopped her coughing for the weekend. And so, from now on, she will not be without it–if I can help!”

— JANE BYERS of DeFuniak Springs, FL

“AIR POWER™–THE BEST COUGH REMEDY I’VE EVER USED!™”I had to write! – – – – Thank you so much for making “AIR POWER™”. It is without question the best cough remedy I have ever used!!! I was beginning to think I was going to have to retire my horse, his coughing was so bad – it truly did sound like he was ready to cough up a lung or two – the coughs wracked his entire body making riding impossible. We’d tried Tri-Hist®, Cough Free®, expensive medicines from the vet (including Clenbutirol®) and nothing helped. AIR POWER™ has given me back my horse!””

— CAROL WOLF of West Chester, Pennsylvania


“My 24 year old gelding has had respiratory issues since he had an episode of pneumonia a few years ago. Every spring through the fall he would cough consistently when worked with, regardless if it was a slow walk around the country block or a 10 minutes drive in the show ring. I then tried Finish Line®’s Air Power™ and gave him one dose every day before I would ride or drive him. His cough lessened by at least 90%! This product has help him tremendously and I wouldn’t go back to any other product.”

–Sharon Bauch

hunter jumper pony testimonial

I use Finish Line® Air Power™ every day before I show and I absolutely love it. Traveling to so many shows and sometimes being exposed to different allergens and hay, my horse can get a bit of irritation in her throat. Air Power™ takes care of it immediately and keeps her breathing clear.

– Nicole Hiehle, showing 3’6″ USEF Amateur Owner Hunter. National Horse Show Champion 2014

My daughter’s older show horse has the beginnings of C.O.P.D. and he has allergies which caused him to cough so badly, we thought we couldn’t show him anymore. Then I started using Air Power and his cough was controlled and his breathing was so much better that not only could she show him again but was the year end champion in many divisions at the Illinois Hunter Jumper Assoc. “B” shows. It’s a great product that has worked well on all the horses I’ve used it on.

– Diane McClure, Trainer: Gateway Farm, Inc.


“I have been using your products for several years now, I have not found any that I don’t like. Right now I am using Air Power every day on a horse with allergies and mild heaves, and it has helped a lot without the side effects of chemicals or drugs.”

— Chris Lord


“This is Sadie. When I got her I was lied to about her age they said she was 12 when she is really 25 and was not told she had heaves. When we got her moved to Ohio the place we boarded called us saying that Sadie was having problems breathing so we had the vet come out. The vet tried all kinds of medicine nothing was working she put Sadie on a medicine that was close to $200 a bottle it worked for about 2 or 3 months then stopped, I did research on the medicine and saw the side effects and long-term effects it could have on her so I stopped that medicine right away. I started googleing natural ways to help heaves and found Air Power™. I figured why not, can’t hurt. I love this product and recommend it for any horse that has heaves, problems breathing, or even some coughing after work outs. And I love that it’s all natural and works really good. I was afraid I was going to lose her at one point because the vet couldn’t find anything and wanted to put her down. Then after I found Air Power™ she tried saying I still might not be able to ride her, now we can go on hours of trail rides and I couldn’t be more happy.”

–Briana Jeffers

Jumper horse testimonial customer_img_right.alt “We have now been using Total Control for 4 months and all our horses are doing very well. Other Finish Line products that have worked for us are the Willow poultice product which is great for cooling legs, particularly overnight, we also use the dry product as a bute alternative. The electrolytes work fantastic, particularly in our long hot summers. We also love the Finish Line Apple A Day electrolytes, so far all our horses have sweated beautifully this summer, we have been using this product for several years now.

“My horses have always used Apple-A-Day™ electrolytes throughout the summer and have never had heat issues. During competitions, when it is hot, I give them another scoop to ensure they are replenishing the electrolytes they have lost.” “I was using four different supplements for my horse until I found out about Total Control®. Now I do not have to measure out 4 different supplements for the barn into containers, of which my horses did not like one of them. The barn is able to just give 2 scoops of TC, it is so much easier for everyone and my horse eats it with no issues. After factoring out what I was spending this is more cost effective as well. My horse looks and feels great. Thank you Finish Line®!”

–Christie Rugh with Aiko Z

“I love your products. I use Apple a Day all year long and I’ve never had a horse dislike it. I also use Quia-Cal which is great for show prep, U7 for digestion and stomach and EZ Willow Liniment and EZ Willow Poultice for the legs!!”

— Lauran Stern



“Having tried a menagerie of poultice, hoof packs and liniments I have found Finish Line to be the best. Your products are innovative and address all of my horses needs. The Easy Pack hoof packing eliminates sticky elbows and tar. The EZ Willow Poultice is excellent and easy to curry off. The EZ Willow Gel Liniment insures the liniment gets on the horse! Not the ground or me! I simply love how easy Finish Line Products make caring for my show horses!”

— Hillary Moore

Easy Rider™

“I need to let you all know how much this easy rider has changed my horses attitude. This mare is my world she’s my racehorse and I have had her for the last 5 years she’s always been a nervous and high strung horse that needed to be trained in tranquizer I have been able to slow her tranquilizer since I have started her on the easy rider. Just changed her attitude all around . I’m so excited to race her since she’s started this easy rider. Without your help I think I would always have this mare so high strung and hard managed horse. Thank you from the bottom Of my heart. P.s. I have a broke leg and I can walk her now before I couldn’t. Thank you so much ”

–Crystal Carmen



EZ-Willow™ Gel Liniment

I love the EZ-Willow™ Gel Liniment. My older horse has a small bog in his left hock and I have been using DMSO on it and it has helped some, but the white willow gel has made a huge difference. My horse is much more comfortable after just one use. Super awesome stuff!

– Christy Basile, Sacramento, CA


I’ve been using EZ-Willow™ liniment for a couple of years and I find that it’s the best liniment available to tighten my horses legs. Plus, after I rub their legs my hands feel great too!

– JR Smith Jr. with La Chuchi



EZ-Willow™ Poultice

English horse testimonial customer_img_right.alt “We have now been using Total Control for 4 months and all our horses are doing very well. Other Finish Line products that have worked for us are the Willow poultice product which is great for cooling legs, particularly overnight, we also use the dry product as a bute alternative. The electrolytes work fantastic, particularly in our long hot summers. We also love the Finish Line Apple A Day electrolytes, so far all our horses have sweated beautifully this summer, we have been using this product for several years now.

“I was approached by one of your reps at the Dressage CDI in Katy, TX in April 2015. He left us with a few samples to try. I have one horse who is quite arthritic due to some breeding injuries. The problem is that he is also slightly insulin resistant. Because of his IR, I avoid any oral glucosamine. I told this to the rep and he gave me a sample of the Easywillow™ supplement (along with the gel and poultice). I brought it home and gave it to my groom to feed to him in his lunch. I went on with my days as normal having completely forgotten about adding that supplement to his lunch feeding. Two weeks ago I was noticing that he was warming up quicker and quicker (he warms-up like a western pleasure horse and ends like Totalis with legs a-flyin). He was getting to more brilliant gaits much quicker. I just thought that maybe the weather was favorable to his joints. I was in the feed room talking with my groom while she was making lunches. I watched her grab the supplement and add it to his lunch. My eyes about bugged out of my head. I realized at that moment that is why my horse Sabio was preforming so well lately. I just wanted to share this story with you because I was so thankful. I was on the verge of retiring this awesome horse because I thought the work was too much for him. I am delighted that I can keep him competing for a while longer because he truly loves his work.”

–Deirdre Malburg, TX 

EZ-Willow™ Poultice was introduced to me right after our horse had knee surgery. She had to have two surgeries within four days and we were told she would never run again. I used EZ-Willow™ Poultice and she came back to win here at Tampa Downs and went on to continue running. Without EZ-Willow™ Poultice I don’t believe she would have come back as well and given her longevity in her racing career

– Lynn Rarick, Thoroughbred Trainer Tampa Bay Downs

Feet First® Coat 2nd

“I have been giving my mare Feet First since June and wow! She usually bleaches in the summer due to the sun, but this summer, though she did bleach a little, she is way blacker than she ever has been!! Also, she likes the taste!”

–Terrie Douglas
First Aid® Shampoo
Fluid Action® Liquid

“FLUID ACTION® IS AMAZINGFLUID ACTION® is the best product I have ever come across. There are currently 2 horses in our barn that are on it and they both are changed horses. Our Half-Arab is now 22 years old with a lot of mileage on the old joints, but always young and happy. But for the last 2 years he wasn’t his total self, he was very stiff, coat was dull etc… We looked into every thing. And it wasn’t until I received a flyer at a tack store advertising Fluid Action® that we found the answer. He has now been on it for 1 month. He walked very slowly and barely ever trotted. Just a week ago he galloped up and down 30 acres getting the whole herd going. He now trots out 100% sound, his shiny coat is coming back and his whole attitude has changed. Now he is asking to be ridden again. All we can figure is that we owe it all to FLUID ACTION®.”

— CAROLINE ANDERSON of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

“FLUID ACTION® DOES IT AGAIN!Thank you for the free trial size of FLUID ACTION®. My Appendix (qtr/tb) is 22 & was not moving as well as he used to.After 7 days I had a lovely ride on him today 3 1/2 hrs & he moved much better than he has in a long while. I had tried other powder supplements but this has made quite a difference in his movement. He is still full of himself & no way ready to retire or go on a slow trail ride. He looks & acts about 10 but the movement was not there before, but now it is. Again, I may not have tried your supplement without the free trial offer. There are so many on the market today and you can go broke if you try them all! Thank you for the trial & your great product. I hope to ride my boy for several years to come.”

— RUTH GRISWOLD of Pottstown PA

“FLUID ACTION® SAVES HORSE FROM BEING RETIRED!I received a free sample of FLUID ACTION® from you several months ago. My horse is twenty years old and last summer, she was suffering from arthritis; I thought I would have to retire her from our amateur competitions that we compete in. I had her on MSM but it didn’t do much good. I put her on FLUID ACTION® when I received it as a sample. In a week my old mare was feeling so much better. Her joints didn’t creek when she walked anymore. Her barrels and poles improved tremendously. In our next competition she placed in both barrels and poles. She is a very high strung horse and a lot of supplements make her wild but FLUID ACTION® didn’t. A friend of mine told me to try corta flex because it was cheaper and she said it was great. I decided to try it. My horse felt good on it, a little too good! She was so wild, she performed horrible in our next few competitions. I am almost finished with the corta flex and I cannot wait to put her back on FLUID ACTION® again. I am also going to try your Finish Line® product, THIA-CAL ™ to help my mare relax during competitions. Hopefully, I can compete on her for another few years. I am so happy with FLUID ACTION®! I have a dog with hip displaysia and he is really having a hard time. I put him on FLUID ACTION® also. He loves the taste and it is so much cheaper than the other dog joint supplements. FLUID ACTION® is helping to keep him active and make the pain more bearable. I just wanted to tell you thank you for helping my old horse and my dog.”

— DENISE DRAKE of West Haven, UT

“I WANTED TO TELL YOU HOW MUCH FLUID ACTION® HAS HELPED MY HORSE.I bought my first horse, Buddy, a little over a year ago. He is in his mid-twenties, and was neglected when I got him.His legs would crack and pop, and he didn’t seem to want to run much. I started him on the FLUID ACTION®, and he has progressed so much that he hardly cracks and pops any more. Plus he runs around like a four year old. People who knew him when I got him remark on what a different horse he is today! Yesterday someone who saw him running in the arena wanted to buy him. They could not believe he was in his twenties! He is not a sport horse, but I know his quaility of life has been enhanced by his daily dose of FLUID ACTION®. I have several friends who have older horses, or retired racers who have started taking FLUID ACTION®. What a differance it has made! He has truly been given a second chance at life. I tell everyone about what a difference your product has made for his mobility, fluid action®, and lack of stiffness. It really is amazing to have witnessed his transformation!”

— KAREN McLAIN of Tempe, AZ

“MY CHOICE IS FLUID ACTION®.I purchased A 20 yr. old quarter horse mix in Febuary. I spent several weeks researching joint supplements. With all the research I completed, my choice is FLUID ACTION®. I confronted the barn manager and asked if it was necessary to give it to him. He responded that there was nothing wrong with my horse. He said, “if it is not broke, do not fix it”. Well, about 8 days ago he came up lame in his front feet. I was horrified! Assuming that the problem was arthritis due to his age and the lack of other symptoms, I started him immediately on FLUID ACTION®. It has been 8 days and he is almost 100% better. He no longer has stiffness in his legs, and is trotting around his pature like I have never seen him before! One of the trainers at the stable said, “he is great and there is no more signs of lameness!” Ben and I would like to thank you for such a wonderful product and recommend that others try it as well. I read the testimonials before I bought it, and I believe every single one of them now. I have suggested that others try the product if they think their horse may have stiffness, arthritis or other joint conditions. I am also very excited to try your other products now.”

— AMY SPAULDING and BEN of West Seneca, NY

“DOGS LOVE FLUID ACTION®, TOO!My very athletic 6 1/2 yr old female German Shephard loves the flavor of FLUID ACTION®. She seems to be doing better than when on those glucosamine sulphate capsules. This is a solid dog that weighs 87 lbs., lives indoors, but chases/runs on an acreage and swims most every day. Lacey, is a registered therapy dog, and says…. “thanks for a great product.”

— TOM HOWARD of Oklahoma City, OK

“FLUID ACTION® MAKES A DIFFERENCE! I am writing to let you know of how much of a difference that your product FLUID ACTION® has made with my 9 years old Thoroughbred, Bear… I had tried numerous flex products and nothing seemed to work… In August I stumbled across your Website and sent you an email explaining my current situation. You sent me…a sample of your FLUID ACTION®. It has been close to a month and I am writing to you to let you know of the success that I have had with your product. Bear is now 100% sound and is moving much better. I am so pleased with your product, I have recommended it to several of my friends. I has also worked with my feed dealer to start carrying this product. Please always produce this product and thank you for giving me back my horse.”

— BARB BREWER of Vacacille, CA

This is my story about Fluid Action (for horses, dogs and cats). I have a black lab named Bo, who is 11-years-old. I also had a yellow lab that became my dog in 2007 after I got a new neighbor. Buddy took up with my dog Bo, they were together from day one. Buddy was an older dog but he never acted old, until 2014 when he got arthritis. He would go down for days but then get back up and be ok. But in October 2014 he laid down for a week and I would have to help get him up, until we knew it was not going to get better. So we had a vet come to our house on October 17th to put him to sleep. I cried all night the day before. My husband suggested we give him until Monday the 18th hoping he’d get back up. I remembered going to a feed store and asked if they had any arthritis medicine for dogs. They had the Fluid Action and told me if my dog was not too far gone it might work. So that evening I gave the medicine to him. By Saturday evening he was on his feet! I gave him the Fluid Action for 8 more months. (I also started Bo on Fluid Action and he’s still on it) Buddy got down again in June 2015, it didn’t get any better, so I finally had to put to sleep. I feel like if I’d gotten the Fluid Action Liquid sooner, he might still be alive today. I recommend this to everyone that has dogs!!

– Dianne from Virginia

 “FLUID ACTION® SAVES MARE FROM INJECTIONS!I am currently using your IRON POWER™ and the FLUID ACTION® on my 10 year old barrel horse. I had to have this mares hocks injected twice last year. Since she has been on FLUID ACTION® I have not had to have her injected. I have been using it for a year now. The mare has ran better this year than ever before. We have qualified for the Indian National Finals. I just want you to know how big of a difference your products have made”

— RENEE ECOFFEY of Wounded Knee, SD

“FLUID ACTION® BRINGS LIFE BACK TO HORSE THAT WAS IN A TRAILER ACCIDENT!I just have to write you about your FLUID ACTION®! I have a 20 y.o. Arabian Stallion. About 6-7 years ago, our trailer was bumped & ended up flipping over w/our horses inside.My stallion sustained many ripped & torn muscles & ligaments, a spider type fracture of the right stifle joint, and a chip fracture of the right hip. He was laid up for 2 years. When it came time to ride again, My beautiful boy gave me his all, and constantly came up lame.He is full of heart, he loves to be ridden, he loves to take children for rides. I could not stand to see him hurt so much the following day, so, 2 years ago, I retired him. He has not been happy with this. He has been active his whole life. Since the accident, he has always dragged his right rear toe when he walks. He hardly ever trotted. And he never went out to do his “I love life” gallop! I saw your ad for a free sample. I figured, “what do I have to lose!” I started him on it. Within 2 days I noticed a difference! Within a week he was doing his “I love life” gallop again.Now, he is working in long lines, and I am overwhelmed with emotion to know that soon, I will ride my beloved horse once again. I have had him all of his life. I want to Thank You! Not only do I get to work w/him again. But, I also get to see him enjoy playing and running without pain. He picks up that foot that used to drag. He is once again the park-type trot, that I fell in love with 20 years ago.”

— LAURA LOTT-LEON of Windsor’s Ridge Arabians Dudley, Mass.

“We have White German Shepherds and have 2 older females that were diagnosed with Spondylosis, a form of arthritis of the spine. It had progressed far enough to be effecting their quality of life. I tried Cosequin, with little to no results, I tried Cetyl-M with no results and also Platinum with minimal results. All of the products I tried I gave for 4 weeks and followed the suggested dosages. I had been using Finish Line’s Fluid Action on our horses for some time and was very happy with the results. When talking to Finsh Line on the phone I mentioned our dogs and their issues and was told I could use this on my dogs too. I had been using Fluid Action for so long I had never really looked at the label and saw where you could use it on dogs AND cats too. Within 2 weeks of using Finish Line’s Fluid Action I saw a noticeable difference and within 4 weeks they were back going for long walks and jumping up on the bed. We continued for another year and as the condition worsened Finish Line suggested we move up to Fluid Action HA and they had another year and a half of good sound movement. Our dogs went to doggie Heaven at the ages of 12 and 13 and because of Finish Line their final years were happy pain free years. Thank you Finish Line for keeping our horses AND our dogs happy! ”

— Kathy and Denny Weybright, Hill Country of Texas

“SENIOR HORSE IS ACTIVE AGAIN!”I have been feeding my 30 year old horse FLUID ACTION® for 3 months now and I am really happy with the results.”


“BARREL RACER PRAISES FLUID ACTION®We have a 18 year old Quarterhorse Stallion that our daughter runs barrels on. Due to the hard running, he had stopped having good turns.We started him on your product FLUID ACTION® and after just two weeks of using it, he ran the best run he has run in two years. He felt smoother and turned harder than ever.We had just about decided to quit running him, however,in three weeks she will be competing for the Arkansas State Championship in Senior Barrel Racing. Thanks to his run at the last show, they have qualified to go to compete in the biggest all breeds show in the United States. They won it in 1997 and hope to go back and win it again. Hopefully with your product of FLUID ACTION®, it will help her be able to accomplish this again.”


“FLUID ACTION® HELPS 28 YR OLD AND 20 YR OLD MARES!®We love your product. I started my 2 older mares (who are now 28 and 20) on “Fluid Action®” 2 years ago. They are both still going strong.In fact, the 28 year old (Pretty Smart, or PS) has been Grand Champion for the last 2 years for the Limestone Creek Hunt Hunter Pace in Cazenovia NY (which includes a 5, 10 and 15 mile pace). She jumps every jump, too! She was also High Point Senior Western and Reserve High Point English horse for the 2001 Fingerlakes Equestrians Show Series, an open show series here in upstate NY. My 20 year old mare, (PS’ daughter, Summer Rain, or Rainy), also won and place in many hunter paces in the last 2 years, and received 3 year end awards from the 2001 Wayne-Monroe Horseman’s Council horse show series, another local series of open shows.Although both girls have stopped competing in the rated shows (our 3 year old QH filly is taking over that department) and we moderate how much they jump, both horses are still having a ball, and thoroughly enjoying life. I doubt that they could do the things they are doing without healthy joints and a pain-free life!I am including some pictures of the 28 year old (she is the palomino) at last year’s hunter pace in Cazenovia, NY. ”

— CHERYL A. BYRNE Ph.D Candidate Dept. of Animal Science Cornell University

“RIDING SCHOOL RAVES ABOUT ALL THEIR HORSES’ SUCCESS ON FLUID ACTION® AND IRON POWER™ !I received a sample of your FLUID ACTION® and now I have almost all of my school horses on this product. I now purchase this in the gallon size each month. My school horses work very hard for all the kids here at the stable, but their work takes a tole on their bodies. I was noticing alot of crackling noises as the horses pass and some really off days. Now, more than 75% of the herd is on FLUID ACTION® and they are feeling great. I have told everyone I know about this great product and they now see the difference in the horses. I have very picky eaters and they just love it. I now have my 30 year old qh mare on it for the past two years and you would never know her age. She moves around the ring like she was twelve and before she would go lame at the end of each month with only a few hours of work a day. She no longer needs all the soaking, wrapping and linaments that she used to get to keep her comfortable after riding. She has been in my riding school since 1987 and still going strong. Before I would have to give her every other year off, but now she is raring to go whenever called in from pasture. I also use the liquid IRON POWER™ on many of my competion horses to keep them level and fit. It has really made a difference in my nervous horses during competions away from home or even any horse when traveling to keep them settled. I love the stuff.”

— Quoted by SELENA PALMER Evergreen Stables Riding School of Maine Waterville, ME

“On February 22, 2014 I had taken my 15 year old palomino gelding Quik to the vet in the city for dental. On the way home on an expressway interchange ramp, a car cut me off and my horse went down in the trailer. It took 3 miles to get somewhere safe so I could unload my 2 mares to get to him. He is arthritic to begin with and he takes Finish Line®’s Fluid Action® HA, and he had tried so hard to get up that he rubbed his fetlock joints completely down until the joints were exposed. It was horrific. After being treated he had to spend 4 months in a stall due to the exposed joints and torn muscles all through his neck and back and hindquarters. He began to waste away. He normally weighs around 1400 lbs but he had gotten below 1000 lbs. He started to look like a hide on skin no matter how much I fed him and hand walked him. I purchased a bucket of your Muscle Tone™ and in just two weeks he already looked better. His withers were not as prominent and his back started to fill in and his shoulder and hip bones were not so noticeable. After 30 days of being on Finish Line®’s Muscle Tone™ he was back to looking like his old self. I purchased a second bucket but he had done so well with the 30 days on the Muscle Tone™ that he actually didn’t need the second bucket. I really thought nothing would save him from wasting away and I called your company and a representative talked to me and suggested the Muscle Tone™ and I can’t believe how much it changed him and in so little of time. Muscle Tone™ is like a miracle in a bucket. Even though he has to stay stalled for 4 months it only took 30 days of Muscle Tone™ to fill him out and make him healthy again.Also, your Easywillow™ did such a great job of keeping his legs from stocking up and swelling. Your products just amaze me. I actually found a supplement that had twice the dosage of the Fluid Action® HA and cost $20.00 less but he declined it. So I purchased another bottle of Fluid Action® HA and within 2 weeks he was back on track. Obviously your products are of high quality and worth every penny and just because another company can offer twice the dosage of the exact same ingredient their product must not have quality to it or he would not have declined. It has made me a true believer in your products and the quality of what I am getting for my money. Never again will I buy a supplement from anyone else other than Finish Line®. Thank you for saving my horse and giving me back my horse just as good as he was before the trailer accident. There are just not enough words or thank you’s to describe how grateful I am for your products and your knowledgeable staff.”

— Genevieve Cherry-Sours

Fluid Action® HA Liquid

My mare Cowgirl, a 15-year-old thoroughbred, has had a very weak hind end due to aging and being off the track. She was diagnosed 6 years ago as a 5 out of 5 lame in her hind end. Ever since we have put her on Finish Line®’s Fluid Action® HA the movement in her hind end has significantly improved! I could not be more please with the results this product has brought to my mare, she is much more comfortable and is tracking up more correctly now. I am sincerely amazed with this product and will never try anything else!

– Christina Southard and Cowgirl


Fluid Action® HA Powder

“Currently I live in Canada and own a small boarding stable facility. I own 5 horses of my own and show dressage. Since being introduced to the Finish Line® Horse Products “New and Improved” Fluid Action® HA Powder in 2014 at the equine affaire I continue to use the supplement. I find my horses are more supple and do not require as much downtime following showing. I was not able to purchase the product in Canada so I would travel to the U.S.A to purchase. Now it is available in Canada and my horses and I are very thankful!”

— Judy Lenihan, Silouette Stables

“Last year at the Equine Affair in W. Springfield MA I stopped by the Finish Line® booth and they were giving out samples of the New and Improved Fluid Action® HA powder. I had tried everything with my mare that has stifle issues. I started her on this and within 2-3 weeks I had noticed a difference. She was moving a little easier and not getting “stuck” as often. I have used this product since last year and am convinced that it is the only thing that has helped my TB mare. I recently started it on my QH mare who is getting a little older. I am sure that it will be a great help to her as well.Thank you for a great product and for standing behind everything you sell.”

— Audrey Fee, Shelton, CT


I had some friends point me towards your booth at Rolex in 2014 because you were giving away “fura-free furazone that smells like lemons”. I stopped by your booth at the trade fair and have never looked back. As the owner of an extremely accident prone mare, I use your product all the time and even starting using it to remove excess swelling from my knee when I tore my ACL last December. I love that it does exactly what it is supposed to do without having to worry about it potentially containing carcinogens (plus, it really does smell like lemons!). It is, by far, the best product I’ve ever used for a sweat and helps to heal wounds in record time. I’m so glad I found this product!

– Brett and Krikit


Herbal™ Shampoo

Iron Power®

“I’ve been using Finish Line® products for over 35 years and find them to be a great asset to our stable. I particularly like Iron Power® as it helps keep our horses healthy with strong blood counts.”

–Rick Hiles, Trainer Churchill Downs

“MOUNTED POLICE/BARREL RACER ENDORSES IRON POWER™THANKS!!! What a difference your product made in my horse’s life.I received a sample of IRON POWER™ from our local feed store. I ride for the local police department on the mounted unit. I have a 16 year old AQHA gelding that I barrel race and use for mounted patrol work. (Today we leave for the NBHA World Championships in Augusta.)When we return home we will be part of our departments stepped up holiday patrol for Nov. and Dec. As you can see my horse is asked to give a lot and he has always been very willing. The IRON POWER™ gives him the extra he needs to get the job done! Great idea to hand out free samples! I tried it and am very happy with the results! I am honored to offer my endorsement of IRON POWER™”

— LAVERNE LEAF of Fort Lauderdale, FL

“IRON POWER™ AND FLUID ACTION® REALLY HELP THIS BARREL HORSE WINNER!!I wanted to take time to tell you how much I love your product.I travel to several different barrel races throughout the western states. And in the time I have traveled to well-over hundreds of rodeos, I have learned that there is no way around taking care of your horses body & health. My horse, that has taken me to the pay window several times, is not only very consistent but also very steep in his front legs–that’s what leads me to the use of your outstanding product FLUID ACTION®. It keeps my horse, “Fox” happy, and performing at the high levels that I ask him to. I have used your products for two years consistently.I can’t even think of running without it. I also use your IRON POWER™,it helped to get me there! Last year I achieved my biggest goal yet: I won the WPRA Wilderness Circuit “Rookie of the Year.” That was my biggest accomplishment. I know FINISH LINE® helped to get me there.I plan to go to several more rodeos, and FLUID ACTION® and IRON POWER™ will help me get there. Thank you for making such unique and helpful products, that’ are easy to feed. I love your products and what they do for my horses.- Quoted by CHRISSY VAN of South Jordan, Utah”

— Quoted by CHRISSY VAN of South Jordan, Utah


JC’s X-Tie Up™

“JC X Tie Up is a product that every barn should have. I have used it for colic also 1 dose every 30 mins relaxes and clams down the horse so you have time to call a vet. Horse tie-ing up really shows a big improvement quickly. I use the whole 3 doses. Finish Line products are amazing. They are the best for horses.”

— Sherry Finch

KC & More™

Kool-Out™ Poultice

“I’m writing to say that Finish Line is my all time favorite brand. The hard work they put into every one of their products really shows through. My personal favorite is the Kool-Out poultice. I have tried other brands but none even come close to this. I use after a long day of showing to make sure my girl won’t be sore the next day. It has never let me down.Photo: April Knuth Photography.”

–Mollie Kellenberger

“I am writing to you today to tell you how much I adore your Kool-Out Poultice! I use it on my horse so much that we are constantly purchasing your poultice. I love the way it makes my horse, Chardonnay, feel better after a long day of showing! I really appreciate the hard amazing work you put into your products! Photo: Kendall and Chardonnay”

–Kendall Jackson

“I’m writing to say that Finish Line is my all time favorite brand. The hard work they put into every one of their products really shows through. My personal favorite is the Kool-Out poultice. I have tried other brands but none even come close to this. I use after a long day of showing to make sure my girl won’t be sore the next day. It has never let me down. Photo: April Knuth Photography”

–Mollie Kellenberger


Liver Essentials™


Muscle Tone™

Over the years I’ve used several types of supplements by different makers. Some seemed beneficial, some not so much, cost was always was an issue. Then last fall I was introduced to Finish Line® Horse Products. Their rep gave me several samples to try out. I had a 19 yr old coming back into work after a year off and a new equitation horse that was completely fat and out of condition. We put them on Muscle Tone™ and Total Control®. By the end of the second week both horses started to bloom. Their coats definitely started to shine and they felt better under saddle. By the months end they were fitter, happier, felt better and looked fantastic! Then I tried Total Control® and Muscle Tone™ on an OTTB mare that had come in to me as a project. Again by the end of the first month she was a new horse. But the most impressive change I saw was in an 8yr old QH rescue mare that has been in my barn for 4 years. She has always been a little arthritic, which was due to her crooked legs and malnutrition for the first three years of her life. I’ve tried her on a couple of quality joint supplements which have seemed to help but lately noticed her getting crankier and feeling less willing to work so I decided to try Total Control® since it contains several supplements in one. IN 3 DAYS SHE WAS A NEW HORSE! Light, willing and fun to ride. SO I’ve recommended all of my clients put their horses on Total Control®. I had a new big 5 year old come in this week and immediately put him on Total Control®. I can’t wait to see what it does.

– Mark Farndale from Farndale Stables located at The Los Angeles Equestrian Center.


Neatsfoot Oil


Original Premium™ Poultice

“I started using Finish Line poultice because many other brands were causing my horse legs to swell. Immediately I saw a difference in her legs. Not only does Finish Line not dry as fast as others, but I also found it far easier to wash off! This is now the only brand I use on both my dressage and event horses. ”

— Iselle Longman

Performance Builder™

Race horse on Performance Builder testimonial

Performance Builder has replaced my previous muscle builder and has made an improvement on our horses during their races. I also see they are bouncing back faster from their races. Using Finish Line Products helps our horses be more competitive with better results! I stand by this company and encourage other horsemen (whether in racing or showing) to try them out. They won’t be disappointed!

– Lynn Rarick


“The new product Performance Builder seems to help horses come back from races faster and stronger. I turned one around after using the product after only 4 days. Major improvement. Highly recommend this product. Impressive results.”

— Sherry Finch

Performance Builder proof

I’ve been in racing my whole life. Been around nervous and quiet types, skinny and frail. Products from Finish Line address many issues that horsemen face. Performance Builder has helped me add weight and energy to a few of my thin body horses. U-7 has helped all of them eat better. I have a horse that would walk a big circle in his stall but since U-7 and Performance Builder he has the energy to train but relaxes in his stall. Because they eat better and perform better, my results are amazing.

– David Applebee



“I used the Performance Builder on my growing 3 year old ranch horse prospect. I saw tremendous results! The pictures are just over 30 days apart. Adding the Performance Builder was the only thing I changed. I will hands down use the product again! I love all Finish Line Horse Products.”

–Hayley Ault

“Used Performance Builder on our 20 year old Standardbred that was out of shape. After 3 weeks noticed big difference in weight gain and over the top of the back with fuller hips that were nice and round. All with no major work! We are very impressed with this product!”

– Reuben Byler of Byler’s Harness Shop





“Shipwell has helped my mares allergies so much! Since moving to Florida she has become so itchy and kept getting hives off and on. She also had reoccurring eye drainage as a result of a blocked tear duct that required vet attention. Within a few days of using shipwell the eye drainage completely stopped! No more hives or itchiness either!! Love this product – it keeps my mare happy and comfortable!”

–Emma Sturtecky

Stretch Run™

Had a nervous filly that would make the lead and stop. I gave her Stretch Run and she made lead and NEVER looked back!

– Joanne Shankle/Rudy Sanchez – Thoroughbred trainers at Pimlico Race Course


We’ve been using Stretch Run™ for over a year, love this product. We’ve had multiple horses win while using it. “Battle On” won at Fairgrounds in New Orleans, easily breaking his maiden opening night by three lengths.

– Jeff Engler Racing Stable


“”On Saturday morning a Finish Line rep cam by my barn. He offered me a product called stretch run. I used it that day on my horse Stunning Baby and we got great result with a strong finish to finish 3rd by a neck at odds 58/1 1m really impressed with the result. Will definitely use stretch run on my other 15 race horses.””

–Judy Shower


Stretch Run Plus™


“In 2015 I had entered the Reno race when my # 1 horse got hurt. So on to my back up. By nature he is watchy and a bit nervous. I decided to purchase some calming drugs from my vet prior to leaving for the race. A friend of mine in Reno had been using Thia Cal a vitamin B-1 calcium supplement by Finish Line for her horses and suggested I try it. I never expected instant results. Wow, I was on a brand new horse! I think for the very first time my horse was actually enjoying himself, he was calm, focused on his job and able to just relax. We had a great 4 day race and I never even opened the meds purchased from my vet. I would recommend Thia Cal to anyone who needs to take the edge off and just go have some fun. Thanks Finish Line”

— Sue

“THIA-CAL really worked to settle this horse!OK – Here is another success story for you. I owned SS Iron Man (Arab Gelding) for two years. Always a LOT of horse, his nerves got the best of him one day and we mowed down a few cornfields before we parted company with a turned saddle. I immediately sought remedies and tried THIA-CAL™. This is now a different horse! He is no longer afraid of his field mates, he stays quietly in his stall, allows me to approach from the field…a more willing and agreeable horse all the way around! I was skeptical, but I am now a believer. Thanks!”

— ELEANOR E. VALLONE of Perkiomenville, PA

“THIA-CAL Saves Skittish Horse and Gives Safety Back!I am writing to thank you. Your product THIA-CAL™ gave our little mare, Rainy, a second chance. We’ve had this little mare for nearly 3 years now, and for 3 years we’ve tried to help her overcome her abusive past, a past that left her skittish, nervous, and very unhappy. Unhappy with people especially and aggressively protective of herself frequently. I’ve tried SO many products to try and help her and was at the end of my rope with her. I saw your product, and thought I would give her one more chance. She’s been on THIA-CAL™ for about 1 month now and is a completely different horse. She’s quiet AND laid back. She’s far from nervous OR skittish. She comes when you call her over and isn’t nasty or aggressive any more. Just very mellow and relaxed. You’re product saved this little mare from bouncing owners again, and I wanted to say thank you. She’s literally like a different horse.”

— MARY BALDAUFF of De Leon Springs, FL
Total Control®

“I need to feed a multitude of supplements to my stable of 20 horses. A finish line rep gave me a sample of Total Control Plus and within a COUPLE OF WEEKS, the horses will looking shiny, dappled and acting very happy! When I figured up the cost of those other supplements, I found that Total Control Plus was actually the best value. Just a GREAT all-in-one product! ”

–Tina Casalinova

Since I have been using Total Control® all of my horses look better, their coats are shiny, hooves look great and they have much more energy!

– Michael Morrison, Michael has been training horses for 6 years.

“LOOOOOVE your products! My 23 year old thoroughbred stays in show fit shape with Total Control and my 2 show hunters stay in peak condition through the long show seasons.The difference in their condition was evident within the 1st month. Thank you so much for your great products and knowledgeable staff…George has been awesome at the shows too! You have a customer for life!”


“I’ve never been a fan of over-supplementing horses. I believe that less is better. So when I was introduced to TOTAL CONTROL®, I realized that I could combine the supplements that I was feeding my horses into one product with higher amounts of desired ingredients than the products I was using. Since my horses have been on TOTAL CONTROL®, I am questioned regularly about how I keep them looking so fit, healthy and shiny. I answer with: “I have two words for you. TOTAL CONTROL®”!!! It’s a great product and I would encourage anyone who wants to minimize the number of supplements they are feeding their horses and to keep them in tip top health and looking great should try TOTAL CONTROL®.”

–Quoted by Michelle Willumsen from Michelle Willumsen Dressage, Chatelaine Farms, Los Angeles Equestrian Center.

“I love Total Control®. My mare has been on it for 3 or 4 months now and her feet are amazing she no longer pins her ears back when I touch her flank and her coat is always shiny. It’s a great product! I love that it has everything you could ever want at an affordable price. Definitely worth everything!”

–Katie Heim

“I’ve never been a fan of over-supplementing horses. I believe that less is better. So when I was introduced to TOTAL CONTROL®, I realized that I could combine the supplements that I was feeding my horses into one product with higher amounts of desired ingredients than the products I was using. Since my horses have been on TOTAL CONTROL®, I am questioned regularly about how I keep them looking so fit, healthy and shiny. I answer with: “I have two words for you. TOTAL CONTROL®”!!! It’s a great product and I would encourage anyone who wants to minimize the number of supplements they are feeding their horses and to keep them in tip top health and looking great should try TOTAL CONTROL®.”

— Quoted by Michelle Willumsen from Michelle Willumsen Dressage, Chatelaine Farms, Los Angeles Equestrian Center.

“Thank you for being so nice when we stopped to talk about Total Control®! Finish Line® was a corporate sponsor of the AIR Show Jumping Millbrook (NY) Summer Classic 2015 and one of our horses won a bucket of product from your company. Without telling anyone at the farm, I began our horse Colorado on Total Control®. After a month I was getting so many compliments on how great he was looking and “what did I give him to make him look so good?” The only thing we did differently was adding Total Control® to his feed. He was shinier, moved better and his overall attitude was that of a happy horse. Because of your generosity in giving away product, I’m pretty sure all my horses will be on Total Control ® from now on! No more adding four different pellets and powders to the feed, just one and it covers joint, gut, electrolyte and vitamins. Thank you for a great product. Our horses participated in the Bernie Traurig jumper clinic at the MA Equine Affaire and they looked and performed great”

— Betsy Worthington


“I have been using Finish Line®’s Total Control® for two years now and I love it! My horse Captain has had issues with colic and soundness in his feet. After switching to Total Control® colic wasn’t an issue and his feet became more sound. I cannot recommend this enough to my horse friends! Captain and I thank you!”

–Taylor Brennan and Captain



“I want to thank you for your products. A couple years ago I met Andrew Johnson at the West Coast Horsemen’s Expo in Sacramento, CA. Andrew introduced me to Total Control® and several other products. I have used these products ever since with fantastic results.In March of 2015 my 11 year old daughter’s barrel horse Rocky (9 year old QH) was diagnosed with EIPH. We were told by our vet we had two options: change Rocky’s discipline or give him intravenous Lasix. Devastated at the thought of giving him IV Lasix prior to every race, or retiring him from barrel racing (this horse smiles when he is running a pattern), I started researching alternatives. After reading articles and blog after blog finally Finish Line®popped in my head and I found XBL®Ultra. Please believe me when I say this: 45 days of 2 scoops of XBL®Ultra and some fine tuned conditioning, and there is no presence of external bleeding and absolutely no cough. The Lasix prescription is still sitting in my refrigerator. Madilynn and Rocky are continuing to run in the bottom of the 2D top of the 3D and bring home checks from every barrel race we go to!”

— Casie Gliege

horse stand dressagecustomer_img_right.alt “We have now been using Total Control for 4 months and all our horses are doing very well. Other Finish Line products that have worked for us are the Willow poultice product which is great for cooling legs, particularly overnight, we also use the dry product as a bute alternative. The electrolytes work fantastic, particularly in our long hot summers. We also love the Finish Line Apple A Day electrolytes, so far all our horses have sweated beautifully this summer, we have been using this product for several years now.

“We have now been using Total Control for 4 months and all our horses are doing very well. Other Finish Line products that have worked for us are the Willow poultice product which is great for cooling legs, particularly overnight, we also use the dry product as a bute alternative. The electrolytes work fantastic, particularly in our long hot summers. We also love the Finish Line Apple A Day electrolytes, so far all our horses have sweated beautifully this summer, we have been using this product for several years now. Our dressage horses are being worked through summer as usual, as we run a Dressage training barn here at Jupiter, FL we do not have much choice as to the time we ride, we work for shorter periods but our horses are thriving and will be showing at Global, Wellington this July and the Region 3 Finals also at Global in October. Three of our horses won and placed at Global Wellington earlier this year Sir Jearly at Intermediate 11, Beatrice at Prix St. Georges, Primadonna (owned by Roberta Pala) at Intermediate 11 and Delightful at Training level. Some of our clients also showed at Schooling shows and are preparing to show at Global next year at Wellington.”

–Libby and Jules


“ Beacon Hill has been on Total Control for several years. We started using it because it contained many of the supplements we were using all in one serving. Many horses in the barn were picky eaters but Total Control is so palatable they all eat it!”

–Stasia K Madder

Total Control® Plus

After years of using Finish Line Products including U7, Iron Power, Apple A Day, and XBL so I decided to use Total Control Plus. It combines all the products, simplifies my feeding and saves me money.

– Kevin Joy, Thoroughbred Trainer at Charles Town


“I’ve been using Total Control Plus for about 1.5 years. It is the “do everything” supplement for me, it is an important part of my program! The overall appearance is so noticable in the first few weeks but mentally and physically. A healthy horse is a happy horse!” ”

–Rick Sillaman, Pimlico Race Course

Poplar Racing Testimonial

Hello! We started using FinishLine Total Control Plus for our racehorses two months ago and it was quite literally the winning difference! Our top horse in training broke his maiden after the 6th try. We felt the difference within a few weeks, and loved how happy and healthy the horses were because of your supplement! The racehorses trained looser, more relaxed, and their strides had much more reach. My event horses became more comfortable engaging their hindquarters, carrying themselves better in dressage, and improving their jumping form. Both groups of horses recovered from workouts quicker, better, and were over all happy, healthy athletes.



“Discovering Total Control® Plus has given my show horses increased freedom of movement, excellent hoof condition, and incredible shiny coats. Their lung capacity has increased remarkably! I have aged lesson horses that are no longer on Bute and now offer a canter when they were only able to do walk/ trot. I am so excited with this 5 in one product and so confident that my horses will continue to enjoy their job because they feel so good from the inside out! – Holly Parks Robinson, of HPR Show Stables, is a third-generation horsewoman. She has been training professionally for over 30 years and is a USEF Judge.”

–Holly Parks Robinson


“I have been using Finish Line Horse Products for over 30 years without ANY reservation. All of my horses are on Total Control Plus and I get compliments on my horse’s appearance as well as their performance. If you want to improve your game, use FINISH LINE”

–Charlie Hourth, Thoroughbred Trainer


“I use Total Control Plus because it works and makes feeding simple. All of my horses get it every day.”

–Quarter Horse Trainer Indiana Grand

I like Total Control® PLUS because of the six products it contains that I was buying individually. It has everything that I find central to the horse to perform well. They eat well, their coats look good and I highly recommend it to my friends. I’ve used it for several years.

– Charlie Harvatt with “Pine Tree Pro” 4 year old thoroughbred

“We feed Total Control® PLUS because it simplifies feeding and covers all of our bases. All of our horses look good”

–Frank and Gale Springer with “Fast Cast”


“We LOVE Finish Line Products! All of our race horses are on Total Control Plus. It REALLY makes a difference in their performance. Our favorite supplements are Total Control Plus, U7 and EasyWillow!”

–Cynthia Gastel

U-7™ Gastric Aid

“Finish Line produces such a quality product, that in my 30+ years I have yet to find anything comparable! U-7 especially! The horses love it and the product produces results! Looking forward to trying the Performance Builder!”

–Robert Johnston, Thoroughbred Trainer @ Penn National

“I gets amazing results from U7, Stretch Run plus and Performance builder. My horse always eat well and have all the energy he desires.”

– Ahmad Ehaludi


“We came across U7 a long while ago… We had a mare that came in that wasn’t eating. I called and actually spoke to someone from Finishline… which was amazing, because you usually can’t just call up a company and instantly talk to someone. They were so kind and really listened to my issues and made sure that it was the right product to use! We put her on a dose before each meal…and in 5 days she was eating normally! She blossomed…so I was sold on U7! Any horse that we get…with a dull coat, grumpy attitude, dipping hay, under stress etc… we put on U7. (this doesn’t discount our veterinarian checking out each horse) It has made our horses BLOSSOM and feel good. From young stock to our 40yo mare… they all love it. I haven’t had a horse that didn’t like it. If they are colicy, they get a dose of U7 and banamine while the vet is on the way. We just love U7 and I always tell everyone about it! Thank you for an amazing product”

— Kathy Speck

“I began all four of my horses on U-7 Gastric Aid Powder about four months ago. Several months prior, I had stripped down my horses’ diets to get back to basics; but for some reason, even though I was feeding a balanced diet, they were struggling with a lack of topline. I had heard that gastric issues could prevent absorption of feed nutrients, so I tried U-7. After about 6 weeks, I really could see that they were filling out across their backs. Now my guys are solid and happy and have no excuse for getting out of work. On a side note, one of my geldings has had problems locking his front knees so that he can sleep. As he is falling asleep, he consistently buckles and falls to his knees struggling to get back up. The vet really did not have any type of diagnosis or cure. But, since beginning him on U-7, I have noticed that for the first time in his 16 years he has stopped buckling over and can stand quietly and snooze. Just an added bonus that I am thrilled about. Thank you so much for such a great product!!! ”

–Sarah from Ohio


– Kentucky Derby Winning Trainer, Larry Jones



“We have a 6 year old horse that was a picky eater. We dosed by the mouth 2 weeks and is now one of my best eaters! He also had considerable weight gain in a month. We began using U7 to prevent ulcers but have since started my whole barn on it because they all eat well and love the taste! They think it is a treat! I buy the 5 gallon buckets because it saves me about 206!”

–Mike Bollinger

“…It’s hard to imagine that a product, a supplement, can work so well that a nervous horse owner finds that peace of mind can really be achieved! And, the story goes like this – The decision to try my Thoroughbred, Class Always Shows a/k/a Valie, on U-7™ Gastric Aid was a last ditch attempt to give him consistent comfort. Over a period of time, I tried a multitude of other supplements and they either failed immediately or very soon thereafter. In all honesty, I didn’t believe that my boy would ever get relief from his ongoing gastric discomfort and was especially worried because now, he was even losing weight. So, I have to proclaim that after discovering U-7™, I turned into a believer! And that’s because, in a very short period of time, Valie began to show improvement. At first it was subtle, a better attitude, more affectionate, easier to groom and then he gained weight, his coat had a high gloss shine and he was suddenly giving more under saddle than ever before. And, as for me, I will be forever grateful for reading an old issue of Practical Horseman and stumbling upon this product, a simple act that turned our world around by 360 degrees! Thank you Finish Line®!”

— Cathy Ann Kedzierski, Milford MA

Standardbred trotter testimonial customer_img_right.alt “We have now been using Total Control for 4 months and all our horses are doing very well. Other Finish Line products that have worked for us are the Willow poultice product which is great for cooling legs, particularly overnight, we also use the dry product as a bute alternative. The electrolytes work fantastic, particularly in our long hot summers. We also love the Finish Line Apple A Day electrolytes, so far all our horses have sweated beautifully this summer, we have been using this product for several years now.

“In our everyday training we use many different products that Finish Line® has. The U-7™ Gastric Aid, Apple-A-Day™, and Fura-Free™ are vital to my horses performance. All my horses are on Total Control® Plus and get poulticed the day before and after each race.Typical New Yorker is our standardbred. He loves U-7™ Gastric Aid! We put empty bottles in the stalls for the horses to play with but Typical New Yorker picks up the U-7™ bottle in his mouth and tips it back to get the drops of liquid out. If the other horses get U-7™, we have to give some to Typical New Yorker or he gets upset. We go through more U-7™ than we have to just to keep him happy along with the other horses.”

–John and Michelle Hallett, John has been training horses for 24 years.

“I recommend U-7 Gastric Aid for the prevention of ulcers in horses.”

— Dr. Scott McClure, DVM, PhD, DACVS

“We love U-7™ Gastric Aid because it gets our horses in the feed tub and keeps them there and they love the taste.”

–Robert and Saronda Smith, Thoroughbred Trainers from Tampa Bay Downs

“U-7™ Gastric Aid is economical, palatable, and test free. We give U-7™ every day. It’s easy to administer and keeps our horses eating. You see quick results within days”

–Quoted by Nick and Martha Gonzalez QUEENS PLATE CHAMPIONS 2010 & 2013 Woodbine racetrack, Toronto, ON Photo with “Puntrooski” of Tucci Stables

scopey jumper customer_img_right.alt“We have now been using Total Control for 4 months and all our horses are doing very well. Other Finish Line products that have worked for us are the Willow poultice product which is great for cooling legs, particularly overnight, we also use the dry product as a bute alternative. The electrolytes work fantastic, particularly in our long hot summers. We also love the Finish Line Apple A Day electrolytes, so far all our horses have sweated beautifully this summer, we have been using this product for several years now.

“I am also trying to get Sam to write her and Ottis’s story. We bought him at 4 when my daughter was 13 both very green. At 5 he was having problems with weight and having a lot of discharge from his sinuses. We tried everything from antibiotics to allergy meds nothing worked for very long. We took him to an internal specialist and they found an abscess in his lung. This was very rare and none of them had ever seen it before. It took us a little over a year with a lot of needles and some very expensive really hard to handle antibiotics. Ottis was on lock down in his stall for 3 months and was close to not making it a couple of times. With all the meds he was very unhappy and at times mean and hard to handle. I started Ottis on U7 Gastric Aid before the diagnosis and did not realize how much comfort it actually gave him until I took him off of it to try and help on our expenses. We were running out of money and I was afraid we would not be able to keep going with the treatments. That is when Ottis became violent. I went over the things we changed and decided to put him back on the U7 Gastric Aid, with in 3 days we noticed a considerable difference. No matter what else we do he will never come off the U7 Gastric Aid again!The first picture was 4 days before we found out about the abscess. Ottis show name, Don’t Count Me Out, actually won the 3′ Derby that day as skinny as he was. The second picture was from 6 weeks after we started him back to work last August.”


“When DeDe arrived from hercross-countryy van trek after her purchase, she was extremely stressed and thin. She was diagnosed with an ulcer. After years of trying numerous ulcer products, I found U-7™. The results were almost immediate. I have had her on U-7™ for 2 years and it has been the best product for her. She is much more settled than on any other product. Her vitality is good, very shiny coat and much more focused on her work. In the summer months, I use the liquid and powder in the winter due to our colder temps. Both types work equally well. I would totally recommend this product.”

–Gail Rocke

“I use U-7™ to keep my horses gastric systems healthy. We just love U-7™ from the standpoint of that if the horse doesn’t have stomach issues it really keeps them that way and keeps them eating well. It makes our horses happy at feeding time. We’ve used this for several years and U-7™ is one of our key products. We use it daily on all 40 of our race horses. We’ve used multiple Finish Line® products for years.”

–Larry Jones, Thoroughbred Racing Stable

“I imported my horse Chatel’s Rowin from Denmark 10 years ago. He had a trailering accident on the final leg of his journey here and flipped over in the trailer. It was also an extremely hot, humid and buggy summer, which he was not accustomed to coming from Denmark. I have had ongoing colic issues since that time. Last summer I was alternating paste probios and ulcerguard daily until I went to the tent sale and Mo had me get a free sample of the U7. My horse is also an extremely picky eater however he loves apples and so I have never had an issue with him taking the U7 he loves it and can’t pick it out anyway because its a liquid.”

–Kathy Engler

Ultra Fire™

“My (6) year old TB/Paint is a great work horse. …. well, once I get his motor running. For the first 3 years of jumping we were doing low, hunter courses.Now that he is 6, this year I’ve moved him up and showing him in low jumper classes – 3’3 3’6 fences. He jumps everything clean, but just didn’t have a “SPRING” in his step.I came across Finish Line’s UltraFire while browsing the supplements at SmartPak. I love Finish Line products already – last year would give him the Electrolyte paste after our shows especially in the hot weather. Tyson (my horse) loved the taste too. I tried substituting once and the paste ended up all over me and the wall instead.Anyway, Tyson has been on UltraFire now for about 1 month. In the first 2 weeks alone my trainer took notice to his energy, springy step and BRILLIANCE over the jumps!! His walk is really working, his trot floats, his canter moves and his ears are completely perked forward over each jump.I am a commercial to everyone that knows Tyson, his “old” self and his new and improved energetic self.This product has been THE BEST!! He is not ‘Hot’ or out of control. I just feel like now I don’t have to “ride” to each jump, push him through our training sessions.I would highly recommend to anyone.”


“When I first got my lead pony his gums were white and he needed a pick me up. I started him on Ultra Fire and he’s still going strong in his mid twenties. My husband also called Ultra Fire, fire started with the energy his thoroughbreds shows at the track.”

— Tara Reffner

“ULTRA FIRE™…. Best Supplement Ever!Boy do I have a success story for you. My name is Katie Greisiger. I own a 17 Throughbred, and I ride in Equitation and Jumper classes.My horse’s name is Crimson Tide (Buster). Buster is known around the barn as a crazy horse. Every winter when we move into the indoor arena, Buster becomes a maniac. Every little thing we spook at. For many years I had to hold on tight and pray for the best.Until one year while I was at the Equine Affair, Columbus. I walked by the Finish Line® booth and was given a sample. Later that day I looked to see what I was given. It was the new product, ULTRA FIRE™. The name right away made me think it was some kind of stamina building supplement. But as I read on I saw that it could be used as a calming agent for nervous or hot horses.After reading that one sentence, I knew that I needed to try this supplement. WOW! Was the first thing I said after a week Buster had been given ULTRA FIRE™. Not one spook or taking off the whole lesson. Right from that moment I knew that this had to be the best supplement ever for Buster. It was obvious when Buster had missed a week of his ULTRA FIRE™. But when he was given it, I could go with out riding him for a week and then still be able to do the lesson. I than suggested the ULTRA FIRE™ to my friends with hot horses and they tried it. The outcome was the same. I wrote this letter to thank you for creating such a magnificent product such as ULTRA FIRE™. It has really changed the performance of both my horse’s and mine.”


“ULTRA FIRE™BUILDS STAMINA AND WINNING HORSES!In the past month, I have used your product ULTRA FIRE™ on my primary Endurance horse. I have 3 friends who we all ride endurance and excercise our horses together on a regular basis. We feed our horses the same feed and supplements except that I am the only one who feeds ULTRA FIRE™. We completed our first endurance race of the season last weekend. We finished 2nd, 4th, 5th (respectively) and one horse’s PR did not meet 64 within 30 minutes so did not “finish”. All horses, except mine, were listless and lethargic after the ride, and they had a long recovery time. Mine, however, recovered rapidly, and still had the energy to winney at all the other horses that were coming in, to eat alfalfa, and to try to get through the gate of her pen. I attribute her success and recovery to the use of ULTRA FIRE™ and have insisted that my friends try it on their horses to see if my hypothesis is correct: “That ULTRA FIRE™ does truly live up to its claim!” I also use JC’s-X-Tie Up, and it works great, TOO!!!”

— SUSAN PINSON of Melrose, Florida

Vitamin B1 Blend

“TINY WINNING ON THIA-CALTM, FINISH LINE®’s NEW B-1 Powerful Supplement.I have talked to you on several occasions, and you guys are always so helpful and informative. THANKS!!! Also, I had to write to tell you, the mare we got the THIA-CAL™ for has responded beautifully to the product!!This mare went from running a 16.5, and hitting in the 3-D to running a 15.6 and winning the 1-D here in Stephenville. We have had her running for several years now (with 2 yrs out from founder) and this is the first time I’ve ever seen her put her head down and go to work!! My daughter was overwhelmed by the difference!! Thank you for your free trial size sample of the product, we are now buying it by the gallon! Tiny absolutely licks the smell out of the bottom of the bucket! We were able to tell a difference in Tiny in about 6 days, and it took her about 2 weeks (2 runs) of being on THIA-CAL™ to run this great time!! After the barrel race she wasn’t even sweating under her saddle! I can’t believe the difference! This is the horse that would pour sweat and shake like a leaf at the drop of a hat. Thanks again for being such a great company, and being so customer-oriented!!”

— GERRI BOGGS, BRITTANY WILLIAMS, and Tiny Bars Two of Stephenville, TX

Vitamin C Blend

Vitamin C Pure

Vitamin E & Selenium

XBL® Ultra

“I’ve been using XBL Ultra on my barrel horse and it has saved mine and his life. I was at the end of trying and was ready to just retire him for good because he was bleeding through everything, I tried salix, I tried bleeders triple x, and many many more products and he would bleed after every single run. Being on XBL has not only stopped his bleeding, but has improved his running so much! Thank you finish line for giving me my horse back!”

— O’Brien, Franklinville, New Jersey

“I have been so impressed with your line of products. Grateful Dude (Scooter) my 11-year-old gelding is running better than ever. He is looking good and feeling great. All I can say is wow. Thanks so much for a wonderful line of products.”


“AFTER 30 DAYS ON FINISH LINE–WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! We have used Finish Line products for the last 15 years and wouldn’t dream about not using them. When a new horse comes into training – the first thing we do after evaluating it’s condition is start it on our complete regimen of Finish Line. After 30 days the owners can’t believe what a difference!”

— MICHAEL HOCHSTETLER & Bellaluci Show Jumping of Grapevine, TX