General Questions

When formulating Finish Line Products, the goal is always to reach a shelf life of at least 2 years of, when stored in a room-temperature conditions (60-80 Deg.F), dry, away from direct sunlight, and sealed well when not in use.

Apple-A-Day is all salts, so the shelf life is at least 2 years. During testing, we found a reductions in the intensity of the apple flavoring after 5 years.

For all other powders, it is 2 years from date of manufacture, if stored dry, cool, away form direct sunlight, and well sealed. For products that are packaged in Mylar bags, due to sensitivity to moisture and/or oxygen, please zip the bag closed and seal the bucket after use.

For all liquids, shake well before use, store well sealed in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. For Fluid Action HA, shelf life is best if refrigerated.

The 6-digit lot number tells you the date of manufacture. The 1st 2 digits are the month of the year, digits 3 and 4 are the day of the month, Digit 5 is the year truncated, and the 6th digit is the batch of the day. Add 2 years to the date of manufacture to get the expiration date. We recommend a shelf life of 2 years.

No, we strongly urge customers to buy our products from their local dealer or one of the national catalogs that carry us.

*See our Dealer Locator page to find your nearest dealer or order from a catalog/direct mail dealer. Many vendors offer Finish Line® product online via secure servers.

You should already be in the industry and be able to forward us references. We require an application along with a minimum order, your resale id number and qualification of you reselling product. If you are just starting out, we require a tax number and an initial order of $500 along with a credit application. Purchasing on “open account” requires an established business with credit references. Call us toll-free at: 1-800-762-4242 for additional information and to begin your initial application as a Finish Line® Dealer.

Yes. We are proud to offer you our 100% Money Back Guarantee: Click here to read our guarantee.


This question is asked about our feed supplements all the time. After all, if a horse won’t eat the supplement, what good are its benefits? Finish Line® has researched this aspect of supplementation for many years. We were the first company to introduce the apple flavored electrolyte over 30 years ago (See our APPLE-A-DAY™ Electrolyte page). In fact, we have included this unique apple taste in most of our powdered supplements. IRON POWER™ and FLUID ACTION®  have even more of our appealing apple flavor in their formulas to stimulate your horse’s appetite. (See our IRON POWER™ page and FLUID ACTION® page). We hear with great satisfaction from owners  “My horse just loves it!”

FLUID ACTION® is a high-level glucosamine supplement formulated to promote healthy joint lubrication and synovial fluid in your horses’ joints. This product includes Vitamin C and other vitamins that are beneficial to joint health. Finish Line® extensively researched and developed this product for three years. We are pleased with our final formulation and its great benefits.

FLUID ACTION® lubricates to help promote healthy joints.  Glucosamine increases the amount of synovial fluid. HA or (Sodium Hyaluronate) increases the viscosity and viscoelastic properties to make a better cushion. They are both extremely effective joint supplements, but it’s all about what works best for you and your horse.

That’s why we offer both FLUID ACTION® and FLUID ACTION® HA products in either Liquid or Powder forms.

The latest research shows that chondroitin sulfate is too large of a molecule to be absorbed effectively (about 20%). With molecular weights up to 30 thousand, chondroitin molecules are as much as 300 times larger than glucosamine. If any chondroitin does get absorbed into the intestinal tract, it is now considered by many researchers to be too large to migrate into the chondrocyte cell, which is where cartilage generation takes place. Finish Line® decided to concentrate on glucosamine, which is up to 98% absorbable. We believe glucosamine is a more effective supplement for joint health. Our goal is to produce a product that is efficient and affordable. That’s the result with FLUID ACTION® Joint Supplement.

Your non Finish Line® product probably is using a painkiller to give you the quick action. FLUID ACTION® does NOT mask pain with painkillers. While glucosamine starts to work within 20 minutes after ingestion, it takes time to regenerate worn joints. No product can rebuild the joints that fast (within 5 days). They are covering up the symptoms and you are paying for those ingredients, too. FLUID ACTION® WORKS ON THE CAUSE, RATHER THAN THE SYMPTOMS. It may take a bit longer for you to see the real results: You’ll see a difference in the way your horse moves, the way they train and hit the ground. You are getting real results in 10 days – GUARANTEED. Your horse will experience better joint health.

IRON POWER™ gives your horse more energy and stamina due to the increased blood cell counts. This, in turn, gives the horse a greater ability to carry oxygen to its muscles. IRON POWER™ is great for nervous horses because of the high level of B-Complex vitamins – 3 times as much as most other competing products.

These supplements should be top-dressed on your horses’ favorite feed. Follow feeding amounts on the bottle. Some people use an oral syringe.

Most other electrolytes have sugar in them. Other manufacturers put sugar in their product so that the horse will eat it. Our unique apple flavor means that we do not have to add sugar because your horse will eat APPLE-A-DAY ™ without fillers or artificial colors. Once they put sugar in their product, it fluffs it up and they recommend you feed 2 ounces a day of theirs. APPLE-A-DAY™ has a daily dose of only one (1) ounce per day. In fact, there are more electrolytes in just one ounce of APPLE-A-DAY™ than in two ounces of Stress-Dex™, for example. (The Dex stands for dextrose, a sugar). 

Stress-Dex™ is a registered trademark of Neogon Corp.

Your horse only needs ½ ounce daily.  ULTRA FIRE™ contains no fillers or artificial colors and just looks expensive because it comes in a smaller container. If you compare how much it costs PER DAY instead of per ounce, you see that ULTRA FIRE™ only costs 35 cents per day.

If you prefer a liquid multivitamin, then use IRON POWER™. If you are looking to add a powder to your existing feed, then use ULTRA FIRE™. Both vitamin feed supplements are rated highly and provide high-potency Vitamin B. Ultra Fire™ is a low iron alternative that is designed to increase energy and stamina. They both help nervous horses and stimulate appetite. ULTRA FIRE™ is a more complete vitamin/mineral supplement. IRON POWER™ is a more palatable iron/B-Complex vitamin.


Hesperidin Complex, Lemon Bioflavonoids, and Rutin. Click the link to learn more about KC & More™.

Performance Builder™ is a blend of botanicals and other nutrients that target the healthy growth and performance of muscle.

Miscellaneous Products

No. AIR POWER™ is made to work most effectively full strength, as is.

Brigham Young University tested Air Power™ and had this to say: “This product offered the symptomatic relief we were searching for. When horses were heard coughing they were given a dose of Air Power™ and invariably would stop coughing and were able to finish the working day. Usually, one administration was all that was required.”

Many people do, but AIR POWER™is designed to be given by oral syringe and applied down the horse’s throat.

The Blaster™ concentrate (4oz) is diluted into 1 quart (32oz) of cool water in a spray bottle. Apple Cider Vinegar can also be substituted for water for an extra boost. Finish Line® manufactures Blaster as a concentrate for 2 reasons: 1) ALL essential oil based horse sprays slowly lose potency due to loss of volatile components. Finish Line® solved this dilemma by formulating a concentrate, which you dilute when you are ready to use it. The solution you make is as fresh as it can get. 2) You save money by not paying for the shipping of water and by using smaller plastic containers (which is eco-friendlier!)

Finish Line® has seen and received reports of excellent performance on dogs. Cats, however, may react badly to Teatree oil, for reasons unknown, so do not use on cats.