Iron Power®


Iron Power® is an iron rich nutritive supplement that can be used as an aid in preventing iron-deficiency anemia. Iron Power® is a daily multi-vitamin/multi-mineral supplement with high levels of b-complex vitamins that support healthy blood counts in your horse.


A healthy equine body is one where each of its systems is at peak performance, with all systems orchestrating in harmony.  A foundational system in that mix is the vascular system, which helps deliver oxygen to muscles and organs via the bloodstream. Hemoglobin is key in this process by serving as the protein in red blood cells that is responsible for carrying oxygen to the tissues. When our equine friends have optimal red blood cell counts and hemoglobin levels, they see an uptick in immunity, performance, and overall well-being. Low red blood cell counts, on the other hand, can lead to an overall decrease in your horse’s health.

Supplementing your horse’s diet to ensure they are receiving all of the nutrients necessary for red blood cell health can be beneficial. Iron Power® is a daily multivitamin/multi-mineral supplement that contains balanced levels of Iron, Copper, Cobalt, and B vitamins that help support healthy blood counts in your horses.

Iron Power® has the following benefits for your horse:

  • ​​Contains the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals to aid in the production of red blood cells
  • Contains vitamin B12 which supports DNA, RNA, energy metabolism, liver, brain, and nervous system system
  • Will not make your horse “hot” or nervous when given as directed
  • Results can be seen in as little as 42 days



Shake well before using. Colts and yearlings, feed 2 fl. oz. daily. For mature horses in training; feed 2 fl. oz. daily. Do not exceed 2 fl. oz. daily for horses training in competition or racing.

For anemic horses, feed 4 fl. oz. daily for 15 days, then 2 fl. oz. daily. Do not exceed 2 fl. oz. daily in horses engaged in competition or racing.

Consult your veterinarian before giving any cobalt containing supplement to thoroughbred race horses.


Additional information


1/2 Liquid Gallon (32 day supply at 2 fl oz/day), 1 Liquid Gallon (64 day supply at 2 fl oz/day), 5 Liquid Gallon (320 day supply)


Product Comparison Data, per 1 floz

Nutrient IRON POWER Lixotinic Red Cell
Iron 250 mg 84.9 mg 300 mg
Vitamin B1 57 mg 12.5 mg 30 mg
Vitamin B2 70 mg 6 mg 25 mg
Vitamin B6 21 mg 7.5 mg 8 mg
Vitamin B12 90 mcg 12.5 mcg 120 mcg
Niacin 150 mg 60 mg 0
d-Pantothenic acid 150 mg 0 48 mg
Folic Acid 10 mg 0 7 mg
Vitamin C 295 mg 0 0
Cobalt 10.8 mg None 1 mg
Copper 0.3 mg 1.2 mg 36 mg
Biotin 0.5 mg 0 0.02 mg

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  1. Ben Barber

    spent years on red cell only to find I was wasting money. vet did blood work and said no good so tried this out of desperation. next time around blood work showed improvement. great stuff.

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