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Quia-Cal® is a fast-acting one-shot oral paste that promotes healthy nerve function and a sense of relaxation and mental alertness without drowsiness. Supplied in a convenient oral syringe, Quia-Cal® has a tasty apple flavor that horses love. Use as an aid in the prevention of minor nervousness during times of stress. Contains Vitamin B1, Calcium, and Magnesium. This product does not contain tryptophan and will not make horses “dopey”.


QUIA-CAL® has the following benefits for your horse:


  • Quia-cal™ is supplied in a convenient 1/2 ounce oral syringe
  • Settles and focuses horses
  • Works in one hour lasts up to 4 hours

Rapid, test free calming

What Real Horses Owners Have to Say:
Five Star Review Horse Products
“Amazing!! I used it on my mare when I went trail riding. She is usually very nervous and spooky but when I used this product she was calm and doing everything I asked her to do. It was great. I will definitley buy this again. Great price too!” – Kenzie from Statelinetack.com

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½ fl. oz. oral syringe, 1 fl. oz. oral syringe


Guaranteed Analysis

Thiamine (Vit.B1) 770 mg/15mi
Magnesium 190 mg/15mi
Calcium 445 mg/15mi

3 reviews for Quia-cal™

  1. Nancy

    This product helped my nervous nelly mare become a joy to ride. Her focus increased and she paid more attention to me. I recommend it.

  2. Jennifer Rosengrant

    We received a free sample of your product and finally had the opportunity to use it this past weekend (05/02/2020). I gave my Hateful Red mare half of the recommended dose and WOW! Impressive! I’ve tried several calming supplements to make her less aggressive towards other horses on the trail and in the ring, but NOTHING has worked like Quia-Cal. ShiAnne paid attention and completely focused on me and everything I asked her to do – NOT the other horses around her. I just placed an order for TEN syringes! I might also add – you’ve now sent us three of your products as free samples – we have now added all three to our daily supplement feeding program.

  3. Linda Kern

    Quia-Cal is such a great product! I give it to my 20 year old Arabian gelding who has DSLD before the farrier comes along with a dose of Bute Like both the night before and the morning of. He is on Easy Willow and MSM daily as well. Winston has stopped pulling his back legs from the farrier because he needs to shift his weight. He is so much more comfortable and trims go a whole lot faster. We hit a home run with the Quia-Cal and the Bute-Like combonation.

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