Easypack is Finish Line’s exclusive hoof packing product that promotes healthy hooves in your horse including the frog and sole tissues. Easypack aids in the temporary relief of minor hoof soreness and is effective for stinging feet, stone bruising, heat, and other minor hoof problems. Can be used on abscesses as well. Ingredients include Aluminum Silicate, Lemon Balm Oil, Teatree Oil, Clove, and Myrrh Oils. Easypack was formulated in a sticky base that stays in place in the hoof better than a leg poultice and dries very slowly.


EASYPACK™ has the following benefits for your horse:

  • Easypack™ is a cost-effective hoof packing that aids in the temporary relief of minor hoof soreness such as stinging feet, bruising and heat due to overexertion
  • Promotes healthy hooves, including the frog and sole tissues
  • Draws heat and dries slowly
  • Pleasant botanical scent and will not blister
  • Washes off easily with warm water, unlike tar-based products


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5 LBS, 10 LBS, 24 LBS

11 reviews for Easypack™

  1. Krista Williams

    So easy to use and works great!!! When running my horse multiple days or after a long trailer ride we use this under a sticky pad over night.

  2. Linda Kern

    I used this on my gelding after he came in a little off from the field. I cleaned his feet and saw what seemed to be a stone bruise. Packed his feet with Easypack, shoved a handful of clean shavings on the bottom to and next day he was moving with no discomfort at all. I just left it in his hoof to guard it for the day and have had no problems since……These products are SO amazing and I have not found ONE that I do not like!

  3. Samantha

    Easy to use, soft and supple.

  4. Ruth Z

    Very easy to apply and stays in place! I have a horse with chronic foot soreness, and this has provided much relief for him. Also, used it on a neighbor’s horse with an abscess with great success.

  5. Jen S

    Easy pack was easy to use and worked well! We used it on horses with abscesses due to all the rain we had received. It did the job and made the horses more comfortable and dried out quickly.

  6. Sherry Finch

    Pack isa great hoof mud. It has so many ingredients that are beneficial to the health of the hoof. Easy to use. I highly recommend this hoof product

  7. Hayley A

    Easy pack works so well! My pony was really foot sore but we couldn’t find where. A few days of keeping her feet packed with easy pack she did a 180! I will definitely keep using this product

  8. Martin Rouck

    Arrived quickly. Works well to maintain moisture and draw soreness out. It’s easy to apply and stays in place. Works well on my race horses. It’s my go to packing for my stable.

  9. carolyn smekal

    Works fast. Three of my horses were recovering from abscess. They were feeling and walking better 24 hours after packing.

  10. Amanda M

    My new favorite! I purchased the hoof packing last month. Used it on a horse that came in lame with a pulse. Picked and wrapped his hoof. The next morning the abscess was pulled out the bottom and the horse was sound. Easy to put on and rinse off but I leave mine in and let it wear off. Great product!

  11. Katie O

    Hoof packing was super easy to use and not messy or sticky like many other brands. I used this on my ottb who had sore feet, and the next day he was moving so much better! I highly recommend this product for horses with sensitive feet!

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