5 Valentine’s Day gifts any horse trainer would love
Thank your trainer this Valentine's Day with time off before gearing up for competition season.


Whether you’re looking to brighten up your fellow trainer’s Valentine’s Day or you’re hoping to thank your trainer for his or her hard work, it can hard to know where to start! These individuals love horses and often spend all their time working with their favorite equines. Try these ideas for five gifts for horse trainers this Valentine’s:

1. Mementos
Trainers are as proud of your horse as you are. Since your home and barn are likely covered in prized photos, ribbons and trophies, give your trainer some personal mementos too. From framed photos of the race season to a handmade scrapbook full of memories, he or she will appreciate these personalized gifts featuring his or her favorite horses. 

Depending on what kind of competition your horses are involved with, they may use shoes. These shoes likely have the farm initials or even the horses full name on them. Gift your trainer with fancy shoes he or she can hang on a wall at home to commemorate love for the animals he or she spends all day with. 

You can even give your trainer an award. Since your horse and rider are usually the ones winning and competing, trainers are often forgotten by the wayside even after a big win. Make a plaque or ribbon specifically for Valentine’s Day. You can deem the professional, “Best trainer of the year” or opt for something more fun like, “Best hoof-picker ever.” Say the award is from you or the horse, depending on the context. The trainer will love hanging up this fun memento.

“Gift your trainer with a cash or gift card bonus.”

2. A bonus
Unlike a regular 9-5 day job, horse trainers are often on call at all hours and put in extensive hours around competition season. They’ll drop everything to tend to a horse in need, and it’s important that horse owners show their true appreciation for this incredible dedication. For Valentine’s Day, write out a thank-you card and slip in some extra money as a thanks. Cash is always appreciated, but so are more unique bonuses like a gift card to the trainer’s favorite coffee shop. Get creative or let your trainer do what he or she wants with cash.

3. A subscription to a horse publication
Part of being a top trainer is always being in the know about new trends and important horse-related news. While the internet is chalk full of equine information, it takes time to seek it out. Instead, offer your trainer a subscription to horse publications like EQUUS or Practical Horseman. Every time the magazine comes out, your trainer can dig in to the latest info on horse care, tack, equipment and competition information all by just getting the mail. Make sure your trainer isn’t already subscribed to a magazine before you accidentally double subscribe! You can always extend a current subscription if your trainer already receives these publications.

4. Time off
With spring right around the corner, horse season is amping up. Warmer weather brings competition and the associated chaos. For Valentine’s Day, give your trainer some time off to recuperate and relax before everything gets crazy. That may mean a weekend away at a local winery and lodge or an exotic trip to Hawaii, depending on your budget! Give your trainer heads up about this time off so he or she can create plans as necessary or spring it as a surprise after a particularly intense training session. 

“Outfit your trainer in personalized gear.”

5. Personalized gear
Not only is your horse representing your farm and good name, your trainer is too. Like many companies provide their employees with branded gear, horse owners can help their trainers by decking them out in logo-d apparel. Trainers often require layers to stay warm, so consider monogramming or having your ranch logo imprinted or embroidered on fleece sweatshirts, jackets and rain gear. Thermoses and water bottles are also great options as it’s crucial that trainers stay warm and hydrated while readying your horse for competition. You could even opt for custom saddle pads in the barn colors with your trainers initials.

Whatever Valentine’s Day gifts you choose for your trainer, make sure he or she knows you appreciate all his or her hard work. 



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