The link between nitrofurazone and cancer
Nitrofurazone is approved for use in horses by the FDA, but it's also proven to cause cancer.


Nitrofurazone is an antibacterial drug used to treat burns, scrapes and other minor skin conditions in animals. However, it is potentially dangerous to humans as it has been shown to be carcinogenic in some mammals. Because of these concerns, some equine enthusiasts are worried about the drug’s use as an ingredient in horse healthcare products even though it is still approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The government body restricts the use of nitrofurazone but doesn’t ban the product outright. People can apply the drug to three types of animals not intended for consumption: dogs, cats and horses. However, it cautions humans not to handle the drug directly and recommends the use of gloves or a spatula to apply it. While nitrofurazone products are still widely available, horse owners can instead choose all-natural horse products like Finish Line’s Fura-Free.

“Nitrofurazone use in mammals leads to tumors.”

Studies on nitrofurazone and cancer
There are numerous studies on the link between nitrofurazone and cancer in rats. In 2004, researchers at the Mie University School of Medicine in Japan studied exactly how nitrofurazone use in mammals leads to tumors on the breasts and ovaries. They realized the drug not only causes the cancer to start, but it also makes the disease progress at a faster rate. A separate study from the Laboratory of Reproductive Toxicology in North Carolina found nitrofurazone also leads to infertility in female mice.

In addition to its carcinogenic properties, some studies show nitrofurazone slows healing, Equus Magazine mentions. Many horse owners are understandably concerned about the drug and refuse to use it on their equines.

Fura Free

Finish Line’s Fura-Free contains no nitrofurazone, keeping you and your horse safe from carcinogens. Fura-Free has all-natural essential oils to support healthy skin while soothing minor irritations and cuts.



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