Excellent books on horse training
Any horse trainer should consider reading one of these essential books.


Any good horse trainer is always looking for ways to improve their relationship with their beloved animal. Enlightening yourself to other opinions and expert testimonies on the subject of horse care can provide you with the necessary tips for enhancing your horse’s performance. There are literally thousands of books that revolve around the topic of horse training, but some definitely provide better insight into what it means to be the best horse trainer you can be. If you’re looking to indulge in some educational reading, check out these excellent books that focus on horse training:

‘The Ultimate Horse Behavior and Training Book’ by Linda Tellington-Jones
This is a great introductory book that zeros in on all the essentials of horse training. Linda Tellington-Jones is a renowned trainer, and also the creator of the Tellington Method, which she explores in her book. There are more than 300 pages divided into three distinct parts that make up the book. The first section is devoted to introducing the Tellington Method, which essentially revolves around establishing effective communication skills with your horse. The second lists all the major health defects and poor training methods that often account for erratic behavior in horses. Finally, the book concludes with a step-by-step guide for practicing the Tellington Method with your horse, accompanied by pictures that visually explain the strategies suggested by Tellington-Jones. 

‘How To Think Like a Horse’ by Cherry Hill
Understanding the psyche of a horse is obviously no easy feat. But that’s exactly what “How to Think Like a Horse” author Cherry Hill tries to address in this book that reviews how horses perceive the world and how trainers use this knowledge to their advantage. Hill analyzes the extensive historical relationship between people and horses dating back thousands of years. She also does a great job explaining what motivates a horse to listen to directions, while also dissecting the psyche that influences a horse’s behavior and desires. This book will help any horse trainer better identify with their animal and fully comprehend that these noble creatures are more than just a pet.

‘Heads Up, Heels Down: A Handbook of Horsemanship and Riding’ by C.W. Anderson
Anyone who has ridden on the back of a horse knows it takes much more than just climbing on the saddle to effectively steer and control these animals. In this book, author C.W. Anderson details all the ways to enhance communication between a trainer and their horse while riding. While the book itself was written decades ago, this classic owners manual has developed into the bible of riding horses, and can also serve as a great gift for anyone you know who is considering becoming a horseback rider.

‘Happy Horsemanship’ by Dorothy Pinch
Of course, if you’re already a seasoned veteran when it comes to horse training, then perhaps you can purchase a book to enlighten someone else to the wonders of horse training. “Happy Horsemanship” is a great introductory book for children on the ins and outs of horse riding. Complete with colorful illustrations, this book serves as an excellent gift for any youngster you know who shows an interest in horses.



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