The best podcasts for horse owners
Here are some quality podcasts every horse owner should check out!


While the joys of owning a horse are unbounded, maintaining its performance and keeping it healthy comes with its fair share of obstacles. While you might think you have all the answers when it comes to horse training, it certainly doesn’t hurt to find help and advice from a variety of credible sources. Podcasts are a great way to stay up to date with the latest tips for horse care, and there are several quality programs that are dedicated to providing expert opinions on the subject. Horse owners should check out these podcasts that are produced and sponsored by horse enthusiasts just like you:

The Whoa Podcast
John and Ranae Harrer have been co-hosting The Whoa Podcast since 2011 as a way to connect with other horse owners about their shared passion. They started out as just two ordinary horse owners who balanced their passion of horses with their careers and hobbies. Eventually, they decided that their love of horses was their true joy in life, and became fully dedicated to producing weekly podcast episodes. Since then, the podcast has been continuously downloaded in more than 40 countries, with episodes focusing on a wide range of subjects specifically catered to the horse-owning community. Previous podcast topics have included interviews with horse researchers, tips for new horse owners, guides to hiking trails and more. The Whoa Podcast is much more than a couple trying to share their love of horses with audiences. They frequently interview people with extensive backgrounds in horse training, and are always sharing valuable information that any horse owner can take advantage of.

Horsing Around
PetLifeRadio is a podcast channel that features many programs revolving around pet ownership of all kinds, but Horsing Around is by far one of its most popular podcasts. Horsing Around is hosted by Audrey Pavia, who along with being an avid horse rider and trainer is also an award-winning author, most noted for penning the instructional guide “Horses For Dummies.” You never know just what kind of episodes you’re going to get on Horsing Around, as Pavia frequently interviews guests who vary from professional riders to acclaimed authors and credible trainers to help listeners gain more insight and perspective into efficient horse care. With nearly 40 episodes already produced and available to stream, there are definitely plenty of topics to choose from and endless opportunities to learn everything from which horse supplements work best for racing performance to keeping an eye out for behavioral issues. 

The Horse
If you’re interested in finding a podcast that covers more health- and performance-related horse subjects, then listening to The Horse’s channel is certainly in your best interest. The Horse features episodes that focus primarily on training-related questions, such as which types of feeding habits are best for performance, inspecting and treating injuries or even improving the quality of a horse’s coat. Topics also tend to cover other factors that play important roles in horse care, such as how to operate a more accommodating stable or which products and accessories are worth investing in when it comes to horse training. The Horse has been producing dozens of episodes for years now, and is an excellent source of information whenever you have obscure questions relating to the health of your horse.

Horse Radio Network
Whether you’re a serious horse trainer with years of experience or you’ve recently purchased a horse, Horse Radio Network produces podcasts that cater to trainers and riders of all levels. Horse Radio Network is not merely one show – it’s a website that serves as the home for several different horse-related podcasts, each having its own distinct area of expertise. Only here can you find podcasts like Horse Tip Daily, where helpful training tips are the focus, then flip over to the Stable Scoop, which provides a more entertaining feel to your horse inquiries. There are also programs that elaborate on the more emotional experiences of owning a horse, such as the Equestrian Legends Radio Show, a podcast that interviews countless riders and trainers who share their horse care stories with the world.



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