Top 4 nutrients for performance horses
Performance Horse nutrients


Performance horses have nutritional needs beyond those of equines used for teaching and pleasure riding. The increased demand on their bodies calls for stronger muscles and bones as well as the proper utilization of fluids and nutrients. Below are four essential nutrient supplements for performance horses:

1. Electrolytes

According to Horse Talk, salt facilitates digestion, regulates cell hydration and helps the horse’s heart pump blood throughout the body. A horse’s sweat contains more salt than other fluids, meaning it loses a substantial amount of this nutrient during times of high physical activity and stress. A deficiency compromises your horse when it should be performing its best.

Electrolytes prevent your equine from losing too much salt. Finish Line has a variety of equine electrolyte supplements such as Apple-A-Day, Orange-A-Day and Electrocharge. The former two products are daily additives to be mixed in with your horse’s feed, while the latter is to be given the day of a performance.

2. Calcium and phosphorus

According to the University of Minnesota, the acceptable range of calcium to phosphorous is anywhere from 1.5 to three parts calcium to one part phosphorus. The ideal ratio is 2 to 1. Giving your equine the right amount of calcium and phosphorous strengthens its bones, preventing injury when it falls or when its hooves strike the ground. Finish Line’s Thia-Cal, Vitamin B1 Blend and Vitamin C Blend all contain calcium to support high-performing horses.

“Vitamin B supplements are essential for equines on a low-forage diet.”

3. Vitamin B complex

In some cases, B vitamins take a horse from average to peak performance, Kentucky Equine Research noted. Vitamin B supplements are also essential for equines on a low-forage diet, and many owners claim they calm their animals in times of stress. Our three Vitamin B equine supplements, Vitamin B1 Blend, Quia-Cal and Thia-Cal all support healthy nerves in your horse. Iron Power also contains a variety of B vitamins to prevent anemia. Total Control and Ultra Fire are both also great sources of a full range of B vitamins.

4. Protein

The idea that proteins provide energy is a misconception among many horse owners, the University of Virginia pointed out. In actuality, this nutrient is essential for building the muscles your horse needs to trot, gallop and jump. Muscletone contains amino acids which are the building blocks of protein. The protein and other ingredients in XBL Ultra support a strong circulatory system, allowing your horse’s body to deliver vital nutrients when and where they are needed.

Proper nutrition is just the groundwork for a high-performing horse. With the right diet, supplements and – most importantly – training and care, you companion will compete to the best of its ability.



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