Great gift ideas for any horse trainer
There are plenty of useful gifts you can get for the horse trainer you know.


For those unsure of what to get that someone in their lives who cherishes training their horse, there are plenty of quality gifts that will be convenient for their needs. While you might think that they have everything they need, knowing the types of equipment and horse supplements they use during their training process can help them avoid making these purchases in the future. Plus, they’ll see the gesture as not only kind, but a thoughtful action that recognizes the hard work they put in with their horses. Whether it’s for a birthday or any other special occasion, here are a few gift ideas that every horse trainer can use and enjoy:

Riding accessories
There are dozens of products available to make the riding experience more accommodating for both riders and horses alike. While saddles can be extremely expensive, they are definitely a gift that will last a horse owner for years. However, there are plenty of other gifts that are more affordable and just as useful. Saddle pads are great accessories for providing comfort to a horse to ease pressure from the saddle on top. If the trainer you know is often out riding his or her horse, a fancy new helmet is always a sure-fire bet to serve as an excellent gift. A decent pair of gloves can also come in handy, as regular riders can easily wear down a pair after a few months of training. Another bridle set can also add variety to a trainer’s collection.

Grooming products
Every trainer can always use more grooming products to keep their horse looking its best. If you’re looking for a gift that’s both inexpensive yet still important, consider getting someone a comb, be it a curry comb or a dandy brush. While they can vary in price due to the quality of the bristles, trainers tend to go through combs relatively quickly, especially if they own multiple horses. You can also pick out a quality hoof pick for a trainer, which is used to take out any hidden rocks or hardened mud on a horse’s feet. Of course, finding a healthy cleaning product is guaranteed to serve as a quality gift. First Aid® Shampoo can promote healthy skin and is also gentle enough for frequent usage. Howe Clean™ is another type of shampoo that features natural ingredients designed to assist in moisturizing sensitive skin.

Horse supplements
Not every gift has to be an accessory or piece of equipment. There are plenty of healthy horse supplements available that any trainer can use to help promote healthier lifestyles for their animal’s diet. Whether it’s buying Apple-A-Day™ to assist in the hydration process of their horse or a bottle of Iron Power® that can add much-needed vitamins and minerals to a horse’s feed, reach out to the trainer beforehand to see what types of supplements would best accommodate his or her horse’s diets.

Get creative
You can also think outside of the box when looking for a memorable gift for the horse trainer in your life. There are tons of different toys specifically designed for horses that even if unused can still provide a good laugh. Check out some popular ball-like products, which allow the animal to lay on top of or kick a ball around the yard. You can also look into some chew toys, which can also be great for storing snacks. Perhaps something artistic would be useful as a lasting memento for a horse trainer. Have an artist draw a picture of the horse, which can be hung proudly anywhere around the house. Don’t forget about all the incredible books about horse training that are also out there, which can be used as a informative addition to any coffee table.



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