Caring for leather boots
caring for leather boots neatsfoot oil


These boots are made for riding, and that’s just what you’ll do.Through winter, spring, summer and fall, avid horse riders know that keeping leather boots in good condition can be quite tricky without the right supplies. Wear and tear, mud and dirt and other elements erode leather. Maintenance is not particularly pricey, but buying a new pair of boots is! A good rule of thumb is to treat leather like you treat your own skin by keeping it moisturized and clean.

Here are a few simple measures to take care of leather equestrian boots:

1. Brush loose dust or dirt
First things first, buy a cheap plastic brush to scrape off dried mud or dirt. Mud and dirt are the main culprits of boots that wear down too quickly because they settle into creases, acting like sandpaper and cutting the finish with every step. You wouldn’t want to rub dirt into the leather when you’re oiling them. Before you start, lay down a raggedy towel or newspaper on the ground – it’s a messy task.

Be sure to wipe off your boots regularly, such as every time you leave the barn.

2. Wash leather
Next, wash the leather thoroughly with lukewarm water. To prevent saturating leather, use a soft cotton rag and the water to clean the boot. If the leather seems like it’s too wet, dry it with a soft, dry cloth.

3. Apply leather conditioner
Rub Finish Line®’s Neatsfoot Oil™ while the leather is damp, but not wet. Rub in thoroughly. Note: Oil will darken leather, so the product is not intended for leather to be polished. Also, Neatsfoot Oil™ penetrates the leather best if heated to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. After rubbing it in, remove any excess with a dry cloth.

4. Place boots on a boot drier
For best results, air dry for two days. Many people like to put their boots on a boot drier, a worthwhile investment for avid riders. Simply place your footwear upside down on the holder and let it dry for several hours.

Store your oil bottle in a sealable bag. You should clean your leather boots regularly. Not only will it improve their look, but the oil will also lengthen their lifetime.

Finish Line® Neatsfoot Oil™ is 100 percent pure, natural neatsfoot oil that’s excellent for conditioning leather. There are no silicone oils or vegetable oils added.



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