Finish Line Horse Products Supports the Retired Racehorse Project’s 2021 Thoroughbred Makeover
Retired Racehorse Project FInish Line


Finish Line Horse Product’s commitment to the Thoroughbred racing industry withstands all phases of their careers. From foaling to after the finish line, we believe these wonderful athletes deserve the best of care, which is why an opportunity to support the efforts of the Retired Racehorse Project was a no-brainer to commit to. We believe in their mission to secure careers after the horses race and give them a purpose. They have shed light on the talent of the Thoroughbred breed and give extended chances for the horse to go on and further its career.

The story arc of a race horse’s career is important to us because it showcases the versatility of the breed. Our products help a variety of disciplines so it makes sense to encourage the horses stay on them after the race track to guarantee they have the support needed to maintain optimal health. We are grateful for this wonderful event and the light it sheds on the talent of these amazing horses and giving them more life.” – Ashley Robinson, Marketing Manager of Finish Line Horse Products

With over 800 trainers showing up in 2021, the growth has shown that the industry has embraced the ideology of the program. Finish Line’s commitment comes in the form of prize pails to winners of certain categories. We wish the best of luck and a safe event to all competitors!

Learn more about the 2021 Makeover by visiting here.



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