Get to know Hall of Fame Show Jumper, Margie Engle
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Margie Engle is one of the most recognized names in Show Jumping. With accolades that include being a 10x time Grand Prix Association Rider of the year and now the newly minted title of Hall of Fame Show Jumper, it’s no wonder Margie is both a fan and horsemen favorite! She’s pint sized, talented and so fun and we are honored to have her on our endorser roster! Take some time to get to know some fun facts about her below!

Margie Engle interview
Interview with Margie in Florida

Favorite horse show memory: It was probably Rome in 1997. The first time l was on a European tour and we had a great team where everyone got along and fun group of caretakers too! We won the Nations Cup and Grand Prix that year as well. 

Favorite hobby outside riding: I would likely say any water activity and Poker

You’re a hero to so many, but who is YOUR hero? Both my parents! They always led by example and exemplified great compassion, ethics and sense of humor!

Any appropriate jokes? There aren’t many safe jokes l can tell, but there is one about a steeplechase trainer giving advice to the jockey before the race telling him before every obstacle yell “one-two-three jump“. The Jockey thinks this is strange and he’s a bit embarrassed but kind of whispers “1-2-3 jump” and the horse practically falls through first obstacle he says it softly again and same thing happens then he gets worried and yells “1-2-3 jump” and the horse starts flying and finishes great. When he gets to winner circle the trainer asked what happened? The first few jumps didn’t you do what l said ? And the jockey replies yes but l think your horse is deaf l had to yell to him. The trainer promptly replies he’s not deaf he just can’t see ????

Favorite Finish Line Product: Total Control AND the Kool-Out Poultice!

Thank you to Margie for being an endorser of Finish Line for decades! We continue to be some of your biggest fans and appreciate allowing our products to fuel your show ring winners!



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