Finish Line Horse Products to Support 2019 Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show
Scottsdale Arabian Show Sponsor


Finish Line Horse Products is pleased to sponsor the 2019 Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show in an effort to continue its long-term support for Arabian horses.

The 64th annual Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show will be held from February 14 through February 24 at WestWorld in Scottsdale, Arizona. First begun in 1955, this prestigious event attracts nearly 2,400 horses and their owners, trainers, and breeders from all across the world. Known as “the greatest horse show on earth,” this show offers a huge variety of classes, allowing competitors to choose from everything from driving to saddle seat to reining to Western side-saddle.

Each year, the show gives out prize money totaling over $1 million, but the honor and experience of winning at this show is more of a draw than the prize money.

“We understand the drive and dedication that it takes to breed, raise, and train a horse on the journey of getting to Scottsdale,” says Andrew Johnson, National Sales Manager of Finish Line Horse Products. “That’s why we’re committed to supporting these amazing horses and their owners. Not only can our products support the horse’s physical performance, bringing out the best of the equine athlete in both training and in the show ring, but we’re proud to sponsor this show that brings together so many breeders, owners, trainers, and riders.”

Finish Line Horse Products endorser Virginia Godwin is highly devoted to Arabian horses. Godwin, a USEF “R” Arabian judge, trains out of Chesapeake Training Center and conducts clinics throughout the United States. Godwin was named APAHA Horsewoman of the Year in 2007, and uses Finish Line Products to keep her Arabian horses performing at their very best.

We wish all of the competitors the best of luck as they head to the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show this February.

For more information on the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show, visit www.scottsdaleshow.com.



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