5 ways to show your horses you love them
Spend time with your horse to show that you care.


Equines work hard, and they deserve a nice show of appreciation. Here are five ways to show your horse you love it:

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1. Take good care of it

Treating your horse well is the simplest and most effective way to show you love it. Finish Line has a wide variety of horse healthcare products and supplements to tend to your equine’s every need. These are created with mostly natural ingredients, and many are designed to appeal to your horse’s taste buds. For instance, Total Control Plus is both delicious and supports your equine’s joints, feet, coat, hydration, capillaries, blood counts and gastric system.

2. Make something tasty

Everyone knows a homemade meal conveys more affection than something bought from the store. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend hours slaving away in the kitchen to create something your animal will love. Horse Channel recommended adding cut carrots or apples  to bran mash or beet pulp. In the fall, stop by the nearest apple orchard and pick some fresh, organic fruits for your animal companion. You can also add a few drops of maple syrup to the water bucket. Your horse will love the taste and always remember you as the person who brings the delicious goodies.

3. Spend time doing nothing

Think of some of the best, most relaxing times you’ve spent with friends and loved ones. These weren’t all amazing vacations or intense activities – many were likely lazy afternoons spent reading, watching television or otherwise just hanging out. Your horse enjoys this type of activity, too. Sit outside with him or her during turnout time, perhaps with a book or a mobile game, and just relax.

4. Make sure your tack is fitted properly

If you haven’t taken your tack to a saddler to make sure it’s strong and fitted, you could be causing your horse unnecessary discomfort. Consult a professional on how your saddle should sit and how to avoid bridle issues. Even if you’re well-versed in tack, asking for a second opinion ensures your horse remains comfortable.

5. Scratch or massage its favorite spot

One way horses show affection toward each other is by grooming. You can mimic this concept by massaging or scratching its favorite spot. Pay attention to the areas that sit under tack – these places become quite itchy from all the sweat generated during exercise.



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