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Immunex™ is a daily supplement formulated to balance immune cellular function and support a healthy response to allergens. Immunex™ contains a balanced blend of vitamins, antioxidants, and adaptogenic herbs to support healthy immune function in your horse.


A horse’s immune system is vital to its overall health and wellbeing. As most know, the immune system’s main responsibility is to defend the body from infection. When the immune system is compromised, the horse is at an increased risk for getting sick. There are several ways that the immune system can be compromised such as during times of stress, traveling or shipping, weather or routine changes, exposure to allergens or infectious agents, and many more. Immunex™ was developed to support your horse’s immune system with a balanced blend of vitamins, antioxidants, and adaptogenic herbs. 

Immunex™ has the following benefits:

  • Contains a Teecell blend which is a proprietary blend of goldenseal, echinacea, schizandra berry, yellow dock, and ashwagandha
  • Clinically studied and shown to moderate the immune system
  • Supports a healthy immune response to allergens or stressful conditions
  • Can be started 7 days prior to shipping


Immunex™ supports five systems in the horse:


For a 1000 lb horse, give 2 level scoops (1 oz. scoop enclosed) daily, or per veterinarian’s direction. Begin giving Immunex™ at least 7 days before shipping and other stressful conditions. Give 2 scoops daily thereafter to maintain a healthy immune system. Can be given during or after mealtime. 

Discontinue 24hrs before USEF competitions.


Immunex™ has been clinically studied and shown to be effective at stimulating the immune system to counteract the negative effects of stress and potential infections while decreasing the chances of triggering an immune mediated autoimmune disease process. Click here to read the clinical study.

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1.3 LBS (30 day supply at 20g/day), 5.2 LBS (120 day supply at 20g/day), 13 LBS (300 day supply at 20g/day)


3 reviews for Immunex™

  1. Cady K.

    Love this product because I can see the difference in how it helps my horses immune system and stress level .

  2. Krista Williams

    We are on the road every weekend staying sometimes in indoor barns with 500+ horses. Boasts immune system eoth this product and never have a sick horse. Just love this stuff

  3. Sarah

    perfect for my skin issue, epm, and shipping sickness prone mare!

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