Renee Baker

Total Control® Plus and Easywillow™ are the two main products we use. I have noticed with Total Control® Plus that the horses’ coat, the health of the hooves, and the overall condition and stamina has improved from what I’ve seen and felt. With the older horses that have been on Easywillow™, I am glad to say are not as stiff or as sore. They are more willing to go play in the turnouts, some acting like there young horses again! Finish Line® has allowed me to become more cost-efficient, cutting out the cost of buying 8 different supplements. Total Control® Plus has everything in it that horses need. Other products you can find in our barn are: Fluid Action® HA, the Poultices, First Aid® Shampoo, Herbal Shampoo, and U-7™ Gastric Aid.

I was using another group of products and these companies promise you the world if you use their products – Well, I am here to vouch for Finish Line® and their products. Since I started, I have noticed a difference in my horses’ coats which are now extremely shiny. The older horses that are on Easywillow™ have a lot more spunk. People are constantly stopping me and complimenting me on my horses’ coats. I have a horse which was brought into the barn with chronic thrush issues, to the point where there were maggots in the dead tissues. We tried iodine, fancy thrush powders, but had no luck till we used Easypack™ Hoof Packing from Finish Line®. Within a couple of packings, the bad smell was gone along with the black tissue associated with thrush. We passed this along to our farrier, and he fell in love with it. He doesn’t say enough about it. JC’s X-Tie Up™ is another fantastic product! With the crazy weather, we have here in Southern California, where one day it can be 100 degrees F and the next day it is down to 60 degrees F, it has helped keep the horses sane from tying up. With Total Control® Plus, it has helped with the overall well-being of the horses, along with cutting the cost of multi supplements to achieve the same outcome which is achieved with Total Control® Plus.


Renee Baker has been showing and riding all breeds of Western and English type horses for the past 42 years. Which includes being a judge for Western and English open horse shows for the past 30 years and has designed trail courses for past 25 years. She is currently a registered judge with USEF Inc, in the western division, reining division and Morgan horse division. She also holds a NRHA judge card, an AQHA reining card, FEI reining card and an ETI judge card. In addition, Renee has been a judge for the Arabian Nationals both in the US and Canada, in the western divisions, along with various regional shows too. She has made several champions in the western divisions. Renee moved her very successful training business of 28 years to the Los Angeles Equestrian Center. She has served on the board of directors for the Pacific Coast Horse Association for the past 19 years along with being the PCHA western Chairman and also served on the Executive Committee. For over 20 years Renee has been on the western committee and awards committee in addition to serving as Vice Chairman of the Western Council for USEF Inc. In the past, she has been the board of director for CPHA and CRHA. Renee has used our products for over 7 years.

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