For a limited time we are offering a complimentary 30 day supply of Performance Builder in exchange for before & after images of your horse. If you are interested in participating and receiving a FREE 30 fl. oz. Performance Builder, please review the requirements and submit your items below. 

To receive a 30 day supply of Performance Builder (30 fl. oz.) you must submit the following:

    1. Two photos of your horse
      1. A before photo showing your horse’s full body before starting Performance Builder
      2. An after photo showing your horse’s full body after 30 days of supplementing with Performance Builder 
    2. Signed photography release form (linked here)
    3. Short written testimonial of your experience using Performance Builder 

For best results, please follow the dosing and administration instructions as listed on the product label. 

Image requirements: 

    1. Use a high resolution camera if available
    2. Capture a full side body view of your horse, photograph same side for before and after image
    3. Photograph your horse in natural lighting with a plain background if possible. Ample lighting is key for good photos. Keep positioning of horse and location of photo the same for both images.



Once you have acquired your photos and signed our release form, please enter your information in the fields below and upload all three items. You must select all three files at the same time to upload. To do this click “Upload Files”, press and hold SHIFT (Windows) or COMMAND (Mac), then click the files you wish to select.

If you are having difficulty uploading your images, please email marketing@finishlinehorse.com or call our office at 1-800-762-4242 Monday-Friday from 8am-4:30pm CST.