Callie Schott

My name is Callie Schott. I specialize in show hunters, jumpers, young horses and sale horses. Being introduced to Finish Line® products and feed supplements has been a game changer for me and my horses. This is a company who does research on their products and is always on the cutting edge of new and improved products that offer the horse a complete and safe formula. Finish Line® takes an interest in how the products are performing for you and your horses as well as taking an interest in keeping you abreast of new and improved products.

Total Contro®l makes feeding supplements to high-performance horses a snap.  The palatable powder helps ensure that your horse is getting a high-quality joint, hoof and coat supplement, the best (in my opinion) digestive health product out there, electrolytes, and Iron Power®. Our horses look and feel great!

Muscle Tone™ is a terrific product for putting a bit of extra mass on immature or under-developed horses. It also does an amazing job of helping to keep muscle of horses who are undergoing stall rest as opposed to muscle atrophy. I especially like this product for the young horses.

Fluid Action HA™ helps our older school horses thinking they are spring chickens. When you compare this product to similar products on the market you can not beat this product for quality as well as the number of ingredients vs. price per day. Stop shopping and use Finish Line’s Fluid Action HA™.

Fura-Free™ is an amazing product for circumstances that require a sweat. It is completely safe to use even without gloves, it washes off easily, and most importantly it gets swelling out of lumps and bumps quickly. ”

“The first time I used Stretch Run™ I was a believer. It happened to be my horse’s first Grand Prix and he never felt so great. He felt more powerful and concentrated than ever before!”
“The E-Z Willow™ Poultice is fantastic. It gets the legs tight and is very easy to get off.”

“Finish Line®’s Total Control® is a great supplement that meets many needs of the horse. It is nice to be able to feed one supplement that the horses eat so willingly, easy to use and effective!”


Horse Products

Upon graduation from the University of Kentucky where Callie rode on the IHSA national championship team, Callie spent nearly 5 years as the assistant rider for Olympic Gold Medalist Beezie Madden at John Madden Stables, Inc. Callie has campaigned at the best shows in North America earning top honors in prestigious competitions at Spruce Meadows, the American Gold Cup, the New Albany Invitational Classic, the Winter Equestrian Festival, the Vermont Equestrian Festival, the Hampton Classic and the Kentucky Horse Shows series. In addition to competing, she was responsible for training many young riders at various levels from Ch/Ad jumpers to Grand Prix during her years at John Madden Stables, Inc. Callie currently trains out of her family’s River Mountain Farm. Callie has been using our products for over 5 years.