Buck Davidson

“I use Finish Line® and Horse Products because I believe they are the best!.”

Buck has been in the saddle since birth. He has worked to be one of the top riders in the world representing the United States in many International Competitions. His strong work ethic and fierce desire to win have earned him great horses, supportive owners, leading-edge sponsors, and very determined and hardworking students. Buck Davidson has used Finish Line® and Horse Products for over 20 years.

Career Highlights:


    • 2ND Chattsworth CCI4*-S with Park Trader

    • 8TH Chattsworth CCI4*-S with Copper Beach

    • 11TH Ocala Three Day CCI2*-L with Electric Lux

    • 4TH Bromont CCI4*-L with Carleveo

    • 3RD Great Meadows CCI3*-S with Electric Lux

    • 27TH Blenheim CCI4*-L with Carlevo

    • 5th Jockey Club CCI4*-L with Copper Beach

    • 2ND Rocking Horse Advanced with Carlevo

    • 1ST Carolina International Advanced with Carlevo

    • 1ST, 4TH, 6TH Chattahoochee Hills Advanced with Jak My Style, Carlevo, Errol Gobey

    • 5TH Millbrook HT Advanced with Errol Gobey

  • 2015 Winner Silver Metal Nations Cup @ Bookelo
  • 2015 Winner Richland CIC*** with Ballynoe Castle RM
  • 2015 Winner Jersey Fresh CCI*** with Ballynoe Castle RM
  • 2014 #5 Ranked Rider in the World
  • 2014 Ballynoe Castle RM earns USA highest scoring horse of all time
  • 2014 Winner Bromont CCI* with Be Mine
  • 2014 Winner Jersey Fresh CCI*** with Copper Beach
  • 2014 3rd Rolex with Ballynoe Castle RM
  • 2013 Winner Gallaway with Petite Flower
  • 2013 Pinnacle Trophy for Highest Placed US Rider at Rolex KY CCI**** with Ballynoe Castle RM
  • 2012 Alternate for 2012 US Olympic Team
  • 2011 #1 Ranked Rider in the US
  • 2011 Pan American Team Member – Absolute Liberty


To read more about Buck Davidson please visit https://www.bdjequestrian.com/

Horse Products


  • 1ST, 2ND, 4TH Rocking Horse Advanced with Carlevo, Errol Gobey, and Copper Beach

  • 1ST and 5TH Stableview Advanced with Carlevo and Copper Beach

  • 2ND, 2ND, and 4TH New Jersey Advanced with Errol Gobey, Carlevo, and Copper Beach

  • 3RD, 3RD, 4TH Morven Park Advanced with Errol Gobey, Jack My Style, and Carlevo

    • 11TH Great Meadows CCI3*-S with Sorocaima

    • 2ND Plantation CCI2*-S with Cerafino D

    • 5TH Hagyard CCI3*-L with Sorocaima

    • 2ND Hagyard CCI3*-L with Victor BZ

    • 7TH Hagyard CCI2*-L with Cerafino D

    • 3RD Hagyard CCI2*-L with DHI Showman

    • 9TH Tryon CCI4*-L with Carlevo

    • 13th Tryon CCI4*-L with Errol Gobey