Barclay Tagg

“We’ve been using XBL® Ultra for over 15 years now and it is a part of our daily feed schedule. Every horse gets it every day and we have reduced our concerns to less than 5%. We have had such success with the XBL ULTRA that we recommend this product for anyone with performance horses.”

We started using Performance Builder™ in 2019 and we noticed improvements in our horses’ muscle size and strength. They began running lower times and some horses were able to move up in class. We put all our horses on it now and they look and perform great.”

“We were using sucralfate for our horses’ gastric issues until the Finish Line rep convinced me to try U-7™. I am glad I did. Our horses are doing better and it is more economical. They absolutely love the taste–even my bad doers are cleaning up their feed.”

–Robin Smullen, Assistant trainer for Barclay Tagg

“We had a horse with a very high GGT reading: 315. We called in a specialist and after examination, we were told the horse was too far gone, there was nothing they could do. Robin happened to have a conversation with Finish Line’s President that week and he told her they had a product, Liver Essentials™ , that could help. We gave it a try and one month later the GGT had come down to 27. We put the horse back in training and she won a $50,000 maiden special weight at Belmont.”

EZ-Willow™ Poultice is the best poultice on the market. We use Kool-Out™ Poultice most of the time but for acute inflammation or heat we use EZ-Willow™ Poultice. It helps when other poultices aren’t enough.”

Finish Line Horse endorser Barclay Tagg

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