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Welcome Horsemen’s Journal readers! Finish Line Horse Products would like to offer you our 3o fl. oz. Performance Builder Sample for the shipping charge of $10.

ENTER CODE: HJ23 at checkout for FREE SHIPPING

Offer expires: 6/30/2023.


Performance Builder™ is a top-selling muscle supplement that promotes healthy muscle development and function in performance horses with rapid results! Exclusive Formula that is proven to improve muscle health and overall performance. WORKS IN WEEKS, NOT MONTHS! It contains all the best ingredients you’d want in a healthy muscle builder, from Gamma Oryzanol (from rice bran), and Calcium HMB and L-Leucine to botanicals which make a formula that horses love!

PERFORMANCE BUILDER™ has the following benefits for your horse:

  • Contains natural active ingredients like Spinach and Pea Protein
  • Increased physical appearance in as little as 2-3 weeks
  • NOT a steroid
  • Will not change horse’s temperament
  • Butterscotch flavor for palatability!


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