Horsemen’s Journal Total Control Plus Sample Offer



Welcome Horsemen’s Journal readers! Finish Line Horse Products would like to offer you our 4.7lb Total Control PLUS Sample for the shipping charge of $20. This is a $97 retail value and 28 day supply.

ENTER CODE: HJ23 at checkout for FREE SHIPPING

Offer expires: 11/30/2023.


TOTAL CONTROL® PLUS is an all-in-one supplement designed with the performance horse in mind and is formulated to combine the active and quality ingredients of five Veterinarian Approved Finish Line® Horse Products: Apple-A-Day™, U-7™ Gastric Aid, Fluid Action® HA, Feet First® Coat 2nd, Iron Power®, and XBL® Ultra  –  all into one palatable, daily supplement filled with important equine vitamins.

TOTAL CONTROL® has the following benefits for your horse:

  • Promotes healthy blood count levels for increased stamina and energy
  • Encourages healthy joints and strong bones
  • Helps develop strong hooves
  • Improves mane/tails and skin for a show ring ready shiny coat
  • Assists in the replenishing of electrolytes for adequate hydration
  • Aids in maintaining a healthy digestive system with clinically studied gastric support
  • Supports capillary strength in the lungs

With TOTAL CONTROL® PLUS, two scoops does it all!


Offer ends 11/30/2023. Offer only valid through manufacturer’s website at https://finishlinehorse.com/product/horsemens-journal-total-control-plus-sample-offer/. The code: HJ23 must be applied at checkout for free shipping. Limit one offer per customer per household. Offer only available to continental US customers. Offer may not be combined with other savings or discounts and is not redeemable for cash. The cost of taxes and other fees may apply to online orders.


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